Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of 3rd Grade

Otherwise titled:  G's 3rd Grade Teacher Hates Me!
Case in point:  Do you see this bell?  Yes, G's teacher gave her this bell with instructions not to irritate your mother.  Really?  What 3rd grader doesn't relish the idea of irritating her mother?  That bell is loud; I can attest to that fact.  G was so very proud of it because every child wanted it just so they could irritate their mothers  since it was the best bell the teacher had.  Ms Teacher gave it to G in private with instructions to not tell any other child she was the receipient of it. 

The bell may accidentally get lost soon, very soon.  This is G right before we left this morning.  See how blurry she is with all the other stuff like broom/mop handles and junk on the counter in extreme focus?  yeah, G got tickled right at the time I snapped the pic with my phone camera.  And I need new glasses because I am not usually a terrible photographer (not good, just not terrible)  Sadly, she still looks much older than a soon to be after today 4th grader. :-{ 

Anyway, after today she moves to a new school building which is already giving me panic attacks with regard to drop off and pick ups.  She has a very busy June and a not so very busy July in which I will probably hear the words, "I'm bored" until my head explodes. 

And in even more depressing news (the first being my child growing up right before my eyes), I lost a gold hoop earring last night.  Have no idea where and why didn't anyone ask why I was attempting to look like a pirate with the 1 hoop still in?  The earrings have more sentimental value than true value though they are gold.  I bought them in Florence on my first trip to Europe.  I really liked them and have only recently been coming out of the black funk to want to wear jewelry so I rarely wore them.

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Vivian M said...

Congrats Miss G on finishing 3rd grade! Love the bell, hee hee. Kerri still has another month left of school!