Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will Be Home Soon

But for now G is getting a little homesick.  She loves being part of that big group of people but wishes I was there as well.  They have done some fun things while the older cousin has been at baseball camp.  We have been able to skype the last 3 mornings and the little twin cousins have come through to chat with me as well.

We are keeping up with the e-mail thing just to stay in touch and she is always free to call me, obv.  I am missing her too.  We have a reception for the opening of the art display at the chamber the day they are scheduled to get back.  She doesn't want to go.  I may not require it but I have to go represent and explain why she is not there.

In the meantime, my neighbor has removed his fence and in the process squashed a group of my gladiolas!  Then the next day he cut down a holly (ginormous) bush that I thought was in my yard.  That sucker is gone.  I am not sure if he is going to put the fence back up or what.  I will tell you that I totally feel exposed even though it was on one side and the neighbors on the other side have a fence, the two sides gave me a sense of privacy.  My yard is not fences and probably won't be because it will decrease what little sun I have on several of my favorite plants.

Our Bishop is coming Sunday to church and this is apparently a very big deal in the Methodist denomination to have a bishop come for a visit.  Even will have lunch after services, which I, if I remember to get the stuff, will make a rice dish. 

Still loving my job.  Some quirky things exist but nothing compared to the doctor's office.  Things here are about to start getting busy with the obamacare fiasco coming down.  Why do we what national health care?  It isn't working anywhere else correctly what makes us think the IRS can do any better here?

Anyway, maybe when I wish to sit longer and brood on the blog I may comment further on the loss of religious freedoms, the loss of individual freedoms and the whole administration that is bent on making us slaves to PC and government.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Gladiolas are one of my most favorite flowers.  These are three colors I have growing and now blooming in my yard, yellow, red and a beautiful purple (don't pay attention to the toaster oven).  The purple color is the color of the blueberry syrup I made on Sunday.  I have photos on my "real" camera of that process but have been too lazy to post them. 

Anyway, my ultimate fave flower is the rose.  I love irises and lilies too.  I don't have as much luck in this yard with the lilies or roses for that matter but glads and irises do well.  Another fave is the peony.  My grandmother had 1 bush that is now huge and I added 5 others of which 4 lived.  I mowed over one in my very blinded state.  Totally crushed me, alas I survived.  I also love the giant sunflower that you can see here remember my dad is 6'1" and G was roughly aged 5.  


Oh and a gratuitous photo of our beloved late dog, Clementine.

Another favorite flower of mine is the hydrangea.  The one that can be either pink or blue or shades in between.  My grandmother had a row of them beside her house when I was growing up.  Apparently they were very very old and very large but some time that I don't remember when, she had them all pulled out.  When we moved into the house I was very sad that they weren't there.  I am trying to replant them as quickly as possible.  They, all but one, are blooming, the one being too small.  One is blooming such a bright deep pink that it is almost a salmon color.  It is beautiful and it is right next to a blue/pink bush.

Mom has a gardenia bush that she and I have fretted over, she more so than I.  I was with her when she bought it, just a little thing then, now over my head as well as hers.  The first year she had it, it seemed that every time we looked at it or talked about it a bud would fall off so that became a joke, don't look at it.  We researched how to care for it, what could be causing the buds to fall off and prayed over it.  It wasn't blooming before they left town but now is full of blooms.  I am out there pretty regularly so I have snapped a pic or three to send to her. 

Her yard is so peaceful full of birds (and bugs).  That is as much nature as I enjoy.  My aunt's yard is about the same in a slightly different setting.  I am out feeding her hummingbirds.  Last night before their drink was cool enough I stepped out on the patio and seemed to be swarmed by the birds looking for their food.  I guess they know if someone is out on the patio then their food can't be far behind.

G and I have kept up a steady e-mail process while she is away.  She just wants to answer lots of questions.  I run out of questions to ask.  Most of the questions I ask she doesn't know the answer to so there are a lot of "I don't know."  I think she just likes typing on Grandad's iPad.  She is using their e-mail too. 

I am so glad today is Friday but it is blazin' hot here with humidity.  I have to mow the yard (again) this weekend.  Tomorrow is clean out my parents fridge day.  I have had no instruction about the garden this year.  I think my dad figured out it would survive better if I stayed out of it, heh.  I don't intentionally do anything to it but I am just not a country girl (too much nature). 

One more week til G comes home, then off for several small weekend adventures ahead.

Have a great week and make it to your house of worship this weekend.

Friday, June 14, 2013

And They're Off

Left today on a two week family visit/vacation.  I am working, so I didn't go (still love my job).  G was sort of excited and helped to pack.  I think if given the chance, which I didn't give, she might have cried.  Hopefully, my mom won't say something in her forgetful state that hurts G's feelings or that she can't forgive.  My poor mom is very confused.  I see it well.  I haven't any idea how well my siblings see it.  I know my dad sees it but he too forgets somethings or maybe doesn't acknowledge some changes to cover for my mom. 

It will be lonely when I go home tonight and in the morning.  Hopefully, neither of us will be to homesick for each other although I am dying to call her, heh.  It is just two weeks but if anyone thinks about it, please pray for traveling mercies for them both on the going and return as well as good visits with cousins.

It is a cooler day today so I am finally going to get to mow my yard after work.  So tomorrow I will do who knows what other than be lazy.  Maybe will clean my room out and start over.  I have lots of stuff I can throw away if G isn't here or if I don't get caught up in remembering.

Last Sunday we had a family reunion and I had a paleo lunch, all meat. It was great, well except for the blueberry pie.  G had pasta and veggies, sans meat.  It is once a year that I can do that.  Mostly I am a functional vegetarian (not restrictive) because I don't know how to cook meat or buy meat for that matter.  Pastas are just easier.  My meat cheat is tuna salad or pre-cooked steak bites for salad toppers and sausage in the morning.  So when I get a chance to have a good steak or BBQ chop I go for it.  I could never truly live the vegetarian lifestyle but I also could go many many months meatless as well.

Seeing the family truly came secondary to the food.  But it was very good to visit with some second cousins.  It is very sad that some of us live very close (on both sides of the family) but we see each other once a year or less.

On a totally unrelated front I am debating the 23 and me testing for G and me.  My hold back is the whole "1984" thing going on right now with all the data mining by the government and no one seeming to be in charge or know anything about it.  Not the mining so much as the ill use by humans in government work.  I just am not sure I want that information collected without me knowing and there would be no way to keep it from being collected if we have it done.  Plus I am not sure what could be determined with G other than future health possibilities which is not what I want to know necessarily.  I will have to think more about it obviously.

I have two mini vacays booked for G and me in the fall and one day trip planned for when she comes home. I am getting rather excited about it and wishing the time would arrive already!  I think one of the places we are going has a zip line.  I wonder if G can do it or if we can be hooked together to do it.  I might end up being the scared one, heh.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Wednesday Night We Had Storms

That knocked our power out for a short bit before bedtime.  At bedtime however after readjusting all of the clocks and setting all the alarms to wake up the power went out again and stayed out while we went to sleep.  I used my cell phone to wake us up because I didn't want to listen for when the power would come back on.  I fixed the clocks the next morning when the power was back on.

So last night I had remembered setting the alarm and went to bed.  Well, the alarm went off as it was set except that it wasn't set to the time I needed.  It was set to midnight.  I thinking I had taken care of the alarm got up and started breakfast.  Of course I was exhausted because I had truly thought I fixed the alarm before bed and remembered doing so except that it was before the power went back out that I was remembering.  At 12:07am I realized my error with a half cooked pot of grits and feeling like I was hit by a mack truck, I did return to bed.  But that kind of interrupted sleep just carries onward and I am so very tired today.

G and a friend of hers have been in the city at a VBS in the morning and then with  me in the afternoon.  They have been so good and G has loved it much more than her friend (not the VBS part but the being at work with mom part).  Hopefully today though we will be leaving at 3pm because I too need a break.  I have had many co-workers compliment their behavior which does truly make me proud.  G and I have had some battles on her lack of empathy or compassion and just the shear nature of her competitiveness.  That is a whole 'nuther post.

Anyway, I am so glad it is Friday.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Art Gallery Opening

G and her painting and with my parents.  I was so glad my dad came.  I knew my mom would but like I told mom this might be the only time a painting of hers is hanging in an art gallery (I hope not, but...) so I wanted him to come see.  It was nice.  We arrived about half way through because of work.  G's friend who will be with us during the day all week was there as well.  I stupidly didn't take one of G with her art teacher because, #fail!  I don't know why I didn't think of it until this morning.  There is one of me with G and my parents but I look like a ginormous cow so I am not posting it.

Her painting as well as the other 2nd and 3rd grade paintings will hang in this gallery for the month of June.  Though it is not a very big gallery it is very nice, and this is the second opening my mom and I have attended there.  After the art exhibit the paintings will all go back to hang in the school for the next year.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Book Review: The Point by William E. Jefferson

I was given a copy of this book to review for free.  The opinions are 100% my own.

I read a suspenseful snippet of this book that truly did get my attention but then I received the book.  The book is very long.  The print on the pages are small with smallish margins on each page.  Lots of words that truly (I think) are not necessary. 

Basically, it is a story about a young couple searching for meaning? excitement? something after the woman was diagnosed with an illness.  They travel to an island that is more like a modern day monastery and abbey.  The "priests" on the island hold talks or readings of the scripture (yes the Bible) but do so in a scripted style with the visitors being part of the voices.  All of the leaders in the group have names like "Epic." 

The sisters on the island run and infirmary which comes into play later in the book.  There is one old crotchety fellow who lived on the island a long time with lots of bitterness of the soul.  There is a twist about the relationships of the couple and this character.  I think if a majority of the words were cut down the book would be enjoyable.  As it is, I honestly could not enjoy it.  It is not an easy weekend read first of all.  Second, most of the monastery readings seem pointless or maybe there seems to be too many points of main focus when some of the readings should be more ancillary.

It seems to me that too much of the book wants my main attention rather than being background noise that just plays on as the main song runs its course.  Too much is still too much.  Maybe it could have been a sequel type book.  I don't know, I would not recommend buying it.  I managed to skip enough to get the gist of the story without being trapped in the monotony of it.

And in all fairness, I may not be in the right frame of mind to read it.  Like I said, the snippet that got me interested and the 1st chapter held my attention well. It seems to be all the "readings" and too many other ideas being forced into the book to hold my attention.