Friday, June 14, 2013

And They're Off

Left today on a two week family visit/vacation.  I am working, so I didn't go (still love my job).  G was sort of excited and helped to pack.  I think if given the chance, which I didn't give, she might have cried.  Hopefully, my mom won't say something in her forgetful state that hurts G's feelings or that she can't forgive.  My poor mom is very confused.  I see it well.  I haven't any idea how well my siblings see it.  I know my dad sees it but he too forgets somethings or maybe doesn't acknowledge some changes to cover for my mom. 

It will be lonely when I go home tonight and in the morning.  Hopefully, neither of us will be to homesick for each other although I am dying to call her, heh.  It is just two weeks but if anyone thinks about it, please pray for traveling mercies for them both on the going and return as well as good visits with cousins.

It is a cooler day today so I am finally going to get to mow my yard after work.  So tomorrow I will do who knows what other than be lazy.  Maybe will clean my room out and start over.  I have lots of stuff I can throw away if G isn't here or if I don't get caught up in remembering.

Last Sunday we had a family reunion and I had a paleo lunch, all meat. It was great, well except for the blueberry pie.  G had pasta and veggies, sans meat.  It is once a year that I can do that.  Mostly I am a functional vegetarian (not restrictive) because I don't know how to cook meat or buy meat for that matter.  Pastas are just easier.  My meat cheat is tuna salad or pre-cooked steak bites for salad toppers and sausage in the morning.  So when I get a chance to have a good steak or BBQ chop I go for it.  I could never truly live the vegetarian lifestyle but I also could go many many months meatless as well.

Seeing the family truly came secondary to the food.  But it was very good to visit with some second cousins.  It is very sad that some of us live very close (on both sides of the family) but we see each other once a year or less.

On a totally unrelated front I am debating the 23 and me testing for G and me.  My hold back is the whole "1984" thing going on right now with all the data mining by the government and no one seeming to be in charge or know anything about it.  Not the mining so much as the ill use by humans in government work.  I just am not sure I want that information collected without me knowing and there would be no way to keep it from being collected if we have it done.  Plus I am not sure what could be determined with G other than future health possibilities which is not what I want to know necessarily.  I will have to think more about it obviously.

I have two mini vacays booked for G and me in the fall and one day trip planned for when she comes home. I am getting rather excited about it and wishing the time would arrive already!  I think one of the places we are going has a zip line.  I wonder if G can do it or if we can be hooked together to do it.  I might end up being the scared one, heh.

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Vivian M said...

Oh the zip line sounds like a lot of fun! You should definitely try it!
Hoping Miss G has a great vacation.
Sorry to hear about your Mom, sending you a huge hug.