Friday, June 21, 2013


Gladiolas are one of my most favorite flowers.  These are three colors I have growing and now blooming in my yard, yellow, red and a beautiful purple (don't pay attention to the toaster oven).  The purple color is the color of the blueberry syrup I made on Sunday.  I have photos on my "real" camera of that process but have been too lazy to post them. 

Anyway, my ultimate fave flower is the rose.  I love irises and lilies too.  I don't have as much luck in this yard with the lilies or roses for that matter but glads and irises do well.  Another fave is the peony.  My grandmother had 1 bush that is now huge and I added 5 others of which 4 lived.  I mowed over one in my very blinded state.  Totally crushed me, alas I survived.  I also love the giant sunflower that you can see here remember my dad is 6'1" and G was roughly aged 5.  


Oh and a gratuitous photo of our beloved late dog, Clementine.

Another favorite flower of mine is the hydrangea.  The one that can be either pink or blue or shades in between.  My grandmother had a row of them beside her house when I was growing up.  Apparently they were very very old and very large but some time that I don't remember when, she had them all pulled out.  When we moved into the house I was very sad that they weren't there.  I am trying to replant them as quickly as possible.  They, all but one, are blooming, the one being too small.  One is blooming such a bright deep pink that it is almost a salmon color.  It is beautiful and it is right next to a blue/pink bush.

Mom has a gardenia bush that she and I have fretted over, she more so than I.  I was with her when she bought it, just a little thing then, now over my head as well as hers.  The first year she had it, it seemed that every time we looked at it or talked about it a bud would fall off so that became a joke, don't look at it.  We researched how to care for it, what could be causing the buds to fall off and prayed over it.  It wasn't blooming before they left town but now is full of blooms.  I am out there pretty regularly so I have snapped a pic or three to send to her. 

Her yard is so peaceful full of birds (and bugs).  That is as much nature as I enjoy.  My aunt's yard is about the same in a slightly different setting.  I am out feeding her hummingbirds.  Last night before their drink was cool enough I stepped out on the patio and seemed to be swarmed by the birds looking for their food.  I guess they know if someone is out on the patio then their food can't be far behind.

G and I have kept up a steady e-mail process while she is away.  She just wants to answer lots of questions.  I run out of questions to ask.  Most of the questions I ask she doesn't know the answer to so there are a lot of "I don't know."  I think she just likes typing on Grandad's iPad.  She is using their e-mail too. 

I am so glad today is Friday but it is blazin' hot here with humidity.  I have to mow the yard (again) this weekend.  Tomorrow is clean out my parents fridge day.  I have had no instruction about the garden this year.  I think my dad figured out it would survive better if I stayed out of it, heh.  I don't intentionally do anything to it but I am just not a country girl (too much nature). 

One more week til G comes home, then off for several small weekend adventures ahead.

Have a great week and make it to your house of worship this weekend.

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Vivian M said...

Your flowers are beautiful! We are trying our hand at gardening too, but the squirrels are eating all our bulbs, ugh.
Hope Miss G has a wonderful summer!