Friday, June 07, 2013

Wednesday Night We Had Storms

That knocked our power out for a short bit before bedtime.  At bedtime however after readjusting all of the clocks and setting all the alarms to wake up the power went out again and stayed out while we went to sleep.  I used my cell phone to wake us up because I didn't want to listen for when the power would come back on.  I fixed the clocks the next morning when the power was back on.

So last night I had remembered setting the alarm and went to bed.  Well, the alarm went off as it was set except that it wasn't set to the time I needed.  It was set to midnight.  I thinking I had taken care of the alarm got up and started breakfast.  Of course I was exhausted because I had truly thought I fixed the alarm before bed and remembered doing so except that it was before the power went back out that I was remembering.  At 12:07am I realized my error with a half cooked pot of grits and feeling like I was hit by a mack truck, I did return to bed.  But that kind of interrupted sleep just carries onward and I am so very tired today.

G and a friend of hers have been in the city at a VBS in the morning and then with  me in the afternoon.  They have been so good and G has loved it much more than her friend (not the VBS part but the being at work with mom part).  Hopefully today though we will be leaving at 3pm because I too need a break.  I have had many co-workers compliment their behavior which does truly make me proud.  G and I have had some battles on her lack of empathy or compassion and just the shear nature of her competitiveness.  That is a whole 'nuther post.

Anyway, I am so glad it is Friday.  Have a great weekend.

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