Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will Be Home Soon

But for now G is getting a little homesick.  She loves being part of that big group of people but wishes I was there as well.  They have done some fun things while the older cousin has been at baseball camp.  We have been able to skype the last 3 mornings and the little twin cousins have come through to chat with me as well.

We are keeping up with the e-mail thing just to stay in touch and she is always free to call me, obv.  I am missing her too.  We have a reception for the opening of the art display at the chamber the day they are scheduled to get back.  She doesn't want to go.  I may not require it but I have to go represent and explain why she is not there.

In the meantime, my neighbor has removed his fence and in the process squashed a group of my gladiolas!  Then the next day he cut down a holly (ginormous) bush that I thought was in my yard.  That sucker is gone.  I am not sure if he is going to put the fence back up or what.  I will tell you that I totally feel exposed even though it was on one side and the neighbors on the other side have a fence, the two sides gave me a sense of privacy.  My yard is not fences and probably won't be because it will decrease what little sun I have on several of my favorite plants.

Our Bishop is coming Sunday to church and this is apparently a very big deal in the Methodist denomination to have a bishop come for a visit.  Even will have lunch after services, which I, if I remember to get the stuff, will make a rice dish. 

Still loving my job.  Some quirky things exist but nothing compared to the doctor's office.  Things here are about to start getting busy with the obamacare fiasco coming down.  Why do we what national health care?  It isn't working anywhere else correctly what makes us think the IRS can do any better here?

Anyway, maybe when I wish to sit longer and brood on the blog I may comment further on the loss of religious freedoms, the loss of individual freedoms and the whole administration that is bent on making us slaves to PC and government.

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