Monday, July 29, 2013


This weekend was a pretty good weekend until Sunday when I realized my cat had stopped eating.  Poor Simon, though I have been wishing for him to pass, in reality I am not ready.  It makes me sad to see him suffer.  He is no longer loudly greeting me at the door in the morning.  He is too weak to really play.  He is refusing to eat even the canned food not to mention his favorite treats.  He is leaking a bloody substance from his rear and he just feels bad. 

So this morning I was bracing myself to find him because he didn't talk to me when the alarm went off. I am hoping he will be gone when I get home, if he is not; G and I will take him for his last ride in the morning.  I have asked my dad to meet us so he can take him home to bury with the other three pets.  And that will begin a year of absolutely no pets at all and then maybe nothing more than a hamster or foster pets only. 

G and I will re-paint the house and put it back to a every room is being used status.  Geriatric pets are truly unpredictable.  I have been biding my time with them.  Great losses to be sure however I realize they are pets, though loved, not humans.  Pets should not have to suffer as Simon is.  He can't tell me what hurts or how to help him.  Any treatment could kill him potentially as well.

His own beginning was difficult which probably has something to do with his current failing health.  He had been rescued as a young cat (don't know his age but I have had him 9 or ten years) after being hit by a car, literally his hips were crushed.  He survived, was well cared for by a friend of mine, nursed back to health and given to someone.  That someone had him declawed and kept him inside until the apartment manager found out.  Then, the cat was needing a new home and came to me. 

He has had the wrong tooth pulled by a vet once which gave him an Elvis smile.  He practically starved (not really) when my other cat would always eat the lion's share.  Just in the last year he had put on a bit of weight, but now I can tell he has lost it all.  I don't know when he stopped eating, but I noticed a lot of dry food left longer than normal yesterday morning and he refused to eat his canned food or treats.  So I would say a couple of days at this point. 

Now come to think of it he wasn't actually keeping what he did eat down last week.   I have now been through this with 3 other cats, most recently, Abigail last year.  He will be the fourth to have to be put down.   The deterioration comes quickly with small animals, at least in my own experience.  There is no point in holding on when he really is just in so much distress.  Even his once loud cries are soft and sickly.  Thankfully, I had recorded him earlier, and now we have that saved.  I won't post them until he is gone.  

Anyway, the beginning of the week is one more reminder of the frailty of life.  He has truly been a good cat. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Not So Lucky

Well, we did not come out of Forever Family Day unscathed.  There was a colossal crash which started as soon as I picked her up with specific points of challenging behavior that some what escalated with hurt feelings of my not remembering a classmates name and challenges to the GT program I want her in, into flat out anger over my not remembering that I agreed to foster dogs after our cat dies, into anger and fear and "I don't want you" statements (from her to me) and then threats of running away to live in the streets.  We had lots of tears shed by us both. 

Yea, fun times.  Such big feelings for such a little girl.  The longer she is with me the less I want to celebrate the day even though initially my thought was to fill this day with such good and fun memories/mementos that she would be able to see something positive from it.  For her feelings I am not sure it is worth it.  

Maybe I should just make a safe place for her to vent and us to cry.  And you know? that is okay too.  She has a right to her feelings.  She has a right to be angry and disappointed in how things turned out for her.  She has a need to know that she is wanted and that she belongs even when she feels that she doesn't. 

She wanted to reject me first so that she could be in control.  She protects her heart by not letting on that she loves us as much as we love her because the rejection could be so much worse.  Of course we will not reject her but she is still not sure even after 8 years. One day she will willingly come with hugs and kisses on her own not by requests.  I see some of it now but only because I am looking for the actions.  Like when we left my parents last night she turned around to let grammie hug and kiss her bye without being told or asked but she did not do the hugging and kissing. 

I cried and prayed over her.  I prayed God would help her to know that she is wanted and loved and liked so very much (which brought deeper sobs from her) no matter how she feels in any given moment.  All in all I mostly got shrugs and "I don't knows" when I asked what she felt or was thinking.  I did get a promise from her to never ever run away.  She told me this morning that she promised she would not run away so I should not think she will.  This morning she was so much better, but she had some terrible dreams that she could not remember.  How do I know she had these bad dreams?  Well, because she beat me to death and tangled the covers up so badly. 

But this morning is a new day and hopefully the weekend will be much better.  So we shall see what the future brings. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forever and Ever Amen!

Today marks the day that G was handed over to me.  Or to say it another way, the day I held my daughter for the first time.  In her eyes, however, she was being handed over to an ogre and was sorely afraid.  We have the pictures to prove it, heh.  I mentioned to her earlier this week that our family day was coming up by saying, "This is the day you met me and fell madly in love with having a mama."  (tongue in cheek, of course)

To which she replied, "Yeah, well, I didn't like you at first." 

Then I said, "Yes, well, I am not sure you like me still."

I gave her a set of mudlove bracelets: one says "Forever" and the other says "Family."  I have a matching set as well.  When I told her last night I wanted to give her something for forever family day (which after 8 years she has come to expect) she said, "Okay. But I won't be happy or excited about it." 

"Fair enough," I said.

Just so she doesn't sound like an ungrateful child to all my readers by her making that statement, she meant for me not to expect her to jump up and down and scream for joy.  She is almost as stoic as my dad at least in her own mind.  And to some extent she doesn't like that kind of attention displayed on her.  I understood and it did not offend me.  Oh and though we do celebrate this day, I also have started to downplay my own excitement because sometimes there is still a bit of emotion to deal with the whole being adopted stuff.

And in her own way she was excited about her bracelets, putting them on immediately wearing them to sleep in and demanding that I do likewise.  I declined to sleep in them but I am wearing them today.  I told her I would wear them on days she wears hers.  This morning she was eager to show them off to her BFF who is staying with her at my parents for this and next week during the day.

Let me copy/paste from the mudlove website who and what they are: "In an attempt to deny self, MudLOVE was build on the idea of giving back. Starting with nothing more than an old stamp set, a box of clay, and an unadvised business plan of giving 20% of all sales to clean drinking water projects in Africa, MudLOVE was born, and God-inspired creation emerged. The hope of MudLOVE is to be an inspiration to people, not just providing Africans with clean water, but also encouraging and loving broken people. What one may lack in clean water, another may lack in love."

G met some people through my aunt and uncle who gave her the first "Set Free" mudlove bracelet and a card that explains their mission.  G never took it off until it broke in half when she flung her arms back on the concrete floor playing.  So I got her another "Set Free" bracelet and us the "forever" "family" bracelets as well. 

I had also previously purchased from Amazon (very inexpensively) a large portable chess set for her family day.  That gift, I gave her this morning after singing a bad rendition of my made up "happy forever family day" song.  She was excited about that in her own way as well.

There was just so much excitement in my car this morning because she was going to get to spend the day with her BFF and because, because, well, just because.  Praying this excitement doesn't crash to terribly hard to very soon.

So Happy Forever Family Day, G!  You are as your China name implies, a true and everlasting treasure!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are Those Rocks In My Purse? and Other Ramblings

Spent Saturday with my mom and G to initially return a product my mom bought to get rid of brown spots.  The product did not work and there was a money back guarantee, except mom didn't have the receipt and the money back guarantee was only a gift card if returned after 30 days purchase.  So the gift card was used to offset the 5 pairs of levis and 1 pair of black Sunday dress pants for one very patient little girl. 

Yes, for some reason, I do have rocks in my purse.  G put them there and she has failed to get them out now for at least a week.  They add a bit of weight but out of sight out of mind for me.

Work is going very well still.  We are (G and I) looking forward to going on our little weekend mini vacays in the fall.  Money is still tight, what with the whole $3.49/gallon for gas.  I am sure that is cheap to other parts in the country but it is devastatingly high for me.

We have rain here and thankfully my dad fixed my mower and finished mowing the yard before the rain came.  Of course now that the rain has come we will have to mow sooner rather than later again. 

Our car was, well I can't say broken into because it was unlocked, but I will say messed with last night or early morning today.  The console between the seats was opened and the place on the dash that I house my CDs was also opened.  They were both closed last night when we got out of the car.  Nothing was taken because nothing was kept in the car.  I am sure it is mischievous boys looking for loose change but still it is a bit unnerving.  Of course it is also not helping with G's whole fear issues.  First thing she said when I mentioned it is "Good thing they didn't kill us in our beds."  I replied, "Yeah, that would have been a terrible thing to wake up to." 

She also scolded me for not locking the doors so I guess I will start locking the doors.  I told her I couldn't tell if anything was disturbed in the back seat because it lives in a disturbed state now that G is old enough to ride shotgun.  Also, our CDs were left alone.  G wondered why and I pointed out that very few people would want Chinese children CDs or Jesus songs which is what we have in the car.  A little bit of children's communism songs mixed with Jesus songs might have just scared the would be thieves away, heh.

G said, "They didn't take your coupons." 
I said, "Coupons aren't money."
To which she replied, "But they save you money."
blink:blink I said, "G, if someone was going to steal; they probably haven't any need for coupons." 
She said, "Oh right they wouldn't have any money until they stole it then they would need coupons to save money."  The innocent logic of children, I love it.

Anyway, our weekend was completed with a nap (for me) and TV for G.  It is storming pretty badly today so G is stuck inside again. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

FYI, Just in case, Warning

If any readers are in my e-mail account, my apologies. Yesterday, I was hacked by a spammer. In 2 mins all the e-mails in my account were sent some form of spam. Most came back with the mailer-Failure(whatever) notice but three people have responded in one form or another to me. So I hope you all know that 1)I have no iPhone (which is from where the spam was sent) 2) I typically don't put my full name in the subject line and 3)I also typically use better grammer than these spammers did. So if you were unlucky enough to receive a notice I am so sorry. I can't send e-mails out from that account right now due to the spammers sending on my e-mail account. I couldn't have called everyone either. I am sure most of the e-mails were just no good after all this time (hopefully). But in the rare case that you received one, please know DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!! That is all!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Peace of Mind

G has two teeth coming in at the same time and one still has the baby tooth over it. It was beginning to hurt her and looked like it was red and swollen. I thought that maybe the one tooth coming in was stuck on the baby tooth. So to the dentist we went for xrays. More than I wanted to spend later I left with peace of mind and still not yet needing braces, yea!! I actually thought they may pull the one but dentist said she will probably get it out herself but call if she needed help. We go back for reg cleaning in September. We came home and made another 2 batches of the kale chips. By the way, I am typing on a tablet of which I still have not mastered so please forgive the errors.

A Yummy Nutritious Snack You Won't Mind Your Kids Eating

The other day I saw an article on Yahoo! about the 10 most healthy foods nutritionists eat themselves.  One of them mentioned kale and how good it is for you with all the vitamin K, A, and C, fiber, and calcium.  So this person (to whom I didn't link because I can't find the article again) said to fix it by massaging olive oil on the leaves, baking it at 375 for 10-15 mins. 

Well kale was $.77 the other day so I picked some up.  I don't know if that is high or not because that was the first time I have ever bought it.  G and I made some last night.  We had to add salt after the fact, and I double layered it which meant the bottom row was more soggy.  Lesson learned. 

G, however, who had said she didn't like kale but couldn't remember how it was fixed to tell me how she didn't like it, declared it the best dish.  Actually her words were, "You finally made something better than Uncle C."  heh.

Uncle C is the standard by which my food prep is judged.  He is a very good cook and a bit of a foodie himself so to be told I finally fixed something better in her eyes is a true honor.  G learned to eat asparagus from him (two years ago) and when I finally (this year) was able to fix it almost as well she said, "You finally fixed it right." 

So if your kids want chips and you do not wish to give them potato chips all the time, take about 15-20 mins total and make them kale chips.  They are a very fun veggie too, what with all the curly leaves.  It just feels good to the touch.
This picture was after they were cooked and in reality they did not look this green until I took the picture.  They came out of the oven a bit darker almost wilted looking but still very good and crispy.  If I had seen this picture before I made them I would have thought I messed something up.  The flash of the light captured the bright green color. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Safari

Yes, that zebra is in my passenger side window where G is also sitting though she scooted much closer to me. Apparently, Africa came to TN at some point and a safari park was born. For us it was a 2 hour drive there and 2 hours spent driving through feeding animals like emus, ostriches, camels (who took the food bucket before I ever got started), zebras, bison, dear and all sorts of other animals. It was fun and nerve wracking all at once. The zebras wanted to eat the mirrors off my car. A pot bellied pig refused to move from in front of me and I had to back up and drive around the inconvenient little thing.

The safari also has a "petting" zoo but most of the stuff to pet are goats, sheep and alpacas or lamas (I don't know the difference). The other animals were in cages but still they were animals we might not see elsewhere. G fed a giraffe as you can see. I did too but G wouldn't take a picture of me doing so. She was getting in a mood by that point.

It made for a pretty fun Saturday. Then we tried to mow the yard but the mower stopped working not even half way through. No idea why, still not fixed. I am not mechanical so I have no answers nor the ability to fix it.

The highlight of the weekend for me though was the acquittal of George Zimmerman. FBI determined early in the investigation there were no racial underpinnings. The prosecutors should be disbarred. Florida should be sued and NBC is being sued. This was classic self defense and those who are lifting Trayvon Martin up as some kind of martyr or role model have been drinking the MSM kool-aid for too long. He was a thug. No better than the white teen who beat the black homeless man to death in Florida that GZ helped to bring awareness to for an arrest. It was never about race and the MSM still refer to GZ as a "white Hispanic." Really? Too bad GZ is a black/Hispanic/white mix and identifies as a Hispanic. He also voted for Obama. He may regret that now that Obama is using his administration to persecute him.

I read a very sad post of a white mom with adopted black children decrying the very future of her boys and how a murderer walked free. UGH! She claimed it was white privilege that TM was dead and GZ was free. She is the soft bigot who expects bad behavior and will instill in her children, not the truth, but the idea that they are and will always be victims. How very sad. Justice for TM was meted out when he beat the snot out of someone who was concerned, not about race, but about safety of his neighborhood. 911 operators cannot give commands. GZ did nothing wrong. How many of those now persecuting GZ would actually refuse to defend themselves if they were being beaten for a minimum of 40 seconds? Go read this man's tweets. He is making sense out of this ridiculous persecution.

Instead of holding up TM as some sort of Emmit Tiller, why don't we honor true heroes such as Temar Boggs and his friend? If I had a son I would want him to be like Temar Boggs, not like TM.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fully Alive

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

In full disclosure: I received this book for free to reveiw back in August 2012. All opinions are 100% my own.

Ken Davis is a very funny man. I truly enjoy hearing him speak. That was why I thought I would enjoy this book. Let me just say that he is much funnier to hear speak than to read. The inflections he uses in his speaking is much easier to see when he is joking or trying to be funny than on a written page.

The jist of the book is his dramatic life changing experience of seeing himself in a photo at the beach and realizing how his weight and lack of exercise were keeping him from fully enjoying his life. He started on a diet and exercise program that has truly made a difference for him. He now can see himself enjoying a much healthier and longer life with his family, particularly his precious grandchildren.

He also recounts a story about camping with his wife and granddaughters when one of the little girls is lost. It is truly every parent/grandparent's nightmare. Not to spoil it but she was found safe but not until exhaustive searches were conducted and quite a bit of hope seemed to be lost. He retells of his desparate prayer to God to just let him take her place, and how she was found but he did not know that when he prayed.

He later recounts a low point in his life with depression and how God brought him through even giving him the sign he requested. Sometimes it just helps to see something specifically asked for to validate God's movement and action in our lives; even though we know He does move on our behalf. Sometimes because of our circumstances we are shortsighted and cannot see God's hand and He is gracious to sometimes honor our request as He honored Gideon's request.

This is Ken Davis' personal journey through discovery of God's purpose for him with encouragement to us to find out how to live in Christ and be Fully Alive.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Through Messin' with the Look

I was tired of the pink. I had to get rid of it and wanted just a simple blog look. So back to blue. Pretty, hmmm?

I have been following the zimmerman trial at Legal Insurrection. I have a bad feeling about the outcome though I am praying for a not guilty verdict. This is a true travesty of justice. Hindsight is always 20/20, sure after the fact one could argue Zimmerman could have done lots of different things but in the moment with the history of what had happened in the neighborhood and the fact that one of the teenagers who had participated in the home invasion earlier was out of jail during this time and the injuries incurred by Zimmerman at the hands of Trayvon, there is no way he had another option in the moment.

I just don't believe that you should convict someone based on what they could have done after all feelings of fear have subsided. In the moment with the totality of all the facts show a true self defense in fear for his life. Did you know that you never have to be touched in order to defend yourself; all that is required is a perception of fear?

It will be interesting to see what will happen. I fear for Zimmerman either way. He will never be safe. Someone will justify themselves and attempt to kill him for no other reason than to please this DOJ and administration (though I don't believe that the DOJ nor the administration would want that). His whole family will be in danger until enough time has gone by to allow feelings to cool. Could take up to 20 years.

Anyway, I am praying for the situation. I am praying for Zimmerman specifically. The prosecution has been truly evil by keeping all of Zimmerman's family on their witness list thereby keeping them out of the courtroom for the duration of the trial. They have argued the defense case almost better than the defense. Like I said, very interesting trial.

The arguments right now are over the court instructions. The state knows they can't get a conviction on 2nd degree murder because there was no malice so they want 2nd degree or manslaughter which is a conviction of a lesser degree.

Anyway, this is what has been on my mind lately. I am praying Zimmerman will be found not guilty of all charges. I pray he has gotten a fair trial though some who were interviewed for the jury had spite and bad intentions by wanting to be on the jury. I hope that if any came in that mindset that the trial has most definitely changed their mind.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Monday at Another Art Reception

G's art was again displayed at our local Chamber. The Chamber gave a reception for the kids and their family. That by the way was the first time I saw her after her trip with my parents. They had just gotten into town and came back in to the reception where I met them. This is a pic of her art teacher. I didn't ask permission for her being on the blog so I blacked out her face.

Now on Saturday evening when we returned home there was a paper on our front step. On the front page of our local paper was G and another of the child artists. Then the story continued and the art teacher spoke of G saying, "She is a super super artist. She can do it all." And something else that I can't remember right now. Yes, we have copies of the paper but I don't have one with me. The paper called G a superstar, heh. G said, "Mama, I have been in the paper a lot this summer." I am extremely proud of her art work but I wish she would take more initiative to do the work herself without wanting to know what she should or shouldn't draw.

We returned to karate last night working on the forms for which I cannot remember each step in every form.  I also can't remember how to do the 1-steps.  G of course remembers each move but she is not very crisp in the moves.  I don't know if she doesn't understand how to be crisp and sharp or if she really just thinks she can get away with noodle arms in her forms.

G is at my parents today.  My aunt and uncle are still here visiting my parents and by default G.  Family is good.  Too much family is sometimes too much.  I am very glad to be back at work.  By the way, I still hate the new blogger.  If I start a post in html and attempt to switch to compose all of a sudden either the cursor will not appear or the mouse stops working.  Sometimes change is change but not for the better.   

Monday, July 08, 2013

G Get Your Gun

This was G's Sunday afternoon project. While I slept she made a Winchester rifle from paper based on 6 youtube videos. This weekend was a fun weekend. On Wednesday right before I left work my boss told me to take Friday as a holiday as well so I had a four day weekend. (Though today, I do not see the holiday 8 hours on my time card)..

Thursday, G and I picked two gallons of blueberries in 3 hours. She did so well until she didn't. I kept asking if she was hot and each time she replied she was fine. I would mention that I was hot and she would say, "I'm not." Then all of a sudden she wasn't okay and needed water and picked so very s-l-o-w-l-y. I kept telling her to pick up the pace and use both hands and we will be able to leave quickly. Finally, we finished the picking and headed home. G promptly fell asleep in the car. I even took phone video of her snoring, heh. .

Thursday, after lunch we went to see Despicable Me2. It was very cute and we both laughed often as did most of the people in the audience did. It was a great movie so go see it if you can. .

We also picked up some fireworks Thursday afternoon. G was so funny about it. We have never gotten fireworks before and she has seen them up close like at the end of a ballgame but we haven't actually brought any home. I picked up sparklers and a pack of firecrackers. I forgot the puck. I set the fireworks off myself. I had to hold the sparkler first to show her that they are relatively safe. She was so funny and after we were done with those for the day she was so excited and wired for the fact that she got to have fireworks at her house. We still have not shot them all or used all the sparklers. .

Friday, G and I took her play table/chairs, some toys she never played with and her dora kitchen to the Hope House for families who might or might not have toys for Christmas for their children. We finally unpacked the kitchen table as well because we tend to use the kitchen table as the family dumping station. It was pretty packed. So we straightened that area which makes the kitchen just look so much better.

Saturday, we headed into TN for a family reunion. Sometimes I just wonder why I bother. We have a pretty large family and this is mostly my mother's siblings and some of her 1st cousins and most of my first cousins with their children. G had a blast and came home so filthy. She had a tick climbing around in her shirt when she took it off; thankfully, it wasn't attached to her. She and some of her second cousins caught 5 frogs. She begged to keep one and I am absolutely not okay with that. I dislike them. She was invited to spend the night with these cousins but changed her mind because she wanted to go to church on Sunday.

We have a pretty diverse group of people in our family. We are not all like minded and for the most part the tolerant folks are not the liberals in the group. Funny, that. I had an uncle ask me if the photo I use for my facebook pic is Lenin. My eyes couldn't have rolled farther back in my head at that. It is Andrew Breitbart a conservative warrior who has recently passed. His pic is also on the blog. This uncle was trying to be relevant. Call that a fail, heh.

The kids had a blast playing in the country. Like I said, G was filthy when we came home. I didn't even think to bring a change of clothes. She was wet from shoulder blades down from the previous rain. It was nice to get home and bathe. She fell asleep in the car on the way home Saturday as well. She was so very tired and she announced that she was going to sleep. She slept for about an hour and 1/2 on the way home.

Sunday was church and I had my church family with us. There are three ladies that have "adopted" us and that we have sort of "adopted." It was just nice to get to worship together for the end of the July 4th weekend. And then of course I had a wonderful nap while G quickly drew some minions and worked on her paper gun.

Today we are back in work routine and G is out with my parents. Nice weekend was had by all. Going back to routine is nice as well.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

As I Expected...

G was pretty wired and very talkative.  It took at least 7 requests from me for her to get ready for a bath before she complied, energetic, just all over the place.  I understood that she had lots to tell me and let her talk quite a bit in bed before again pointing out that she needed to go to sleep because I still had to go to work.  We had a good dinner with her telling me the highlights of her trips and interactions with her cousins and aunts and uncles.  More to come as the days go by, I'm sure. 

She decided to not wear her hair pulled back in a hair band for the whole two weeks she was away.  So when I saw her she had her hair down which isn't that big of a deal but it made her look so much older!!  Two weeks seemed to make her grow too fast.  Oh and my dad allowed her to wear her hair down and stringy in her face although when I was young and had long hair that was not an option with either my mom or dad.  Just to show how much more mellow grandparents can be.

So today she is back at my parents house while I am at work.  We have plans for July 4 to pick blueberries.  She told me that she likes blueberries now because she tried them at her cousin's house.  I told her she could pick her own gallon to eat when we go.  I will be using what I pick for either jelly/jam and syrup for my coffee because I am selfish like that, hah.

The art opening reception was very nice.  Not many people but finally I took a picture of G with her art teacher.  So glad I had the opportunity as at the gallery opening I forgot to do that totally!  But the picture has my G looking much to old for me with her hair down.  I will probably not post the pic because I didn't get permission.  She had her pic taken again by the newspaper man.  I have no idea if it will be put in the paper or if it was just for historical record keeping.

Thankful to have a job that pays holiday pay and looking forward to the holiday. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Home Today

In light of this loss I will be holding G a little bit tighter tonight. Please pray for Teresa's family who will now live with a hole in their hearts until they meet again in heaven.

G may already be in or near home or at my parents anyway.  I am so excited to see my baby girl and hear all about her trip.  Before I can though I am going to represent at the art reception for the students from her school.  The paintings the students (10 of them) did during the year will now be hanging at the Chamber for the month of July.  I am not sure if G is going to come or not.  Since I do not know how tired they will all be from driving in from vacation.  I won't get to see her early if she doesn't come to the reception.  Coming home on a work day will be difficult for us to have time to reconnect.

Blueberry picking was successful Saturday, and I accidentally made jelly when I was trying to make syrup.  I froze 4 quarts but I had a bit more than 2 cups that I thought I could half the recipe for syrup and I am not sure if I just cooked it too long or if something else went wrong.  I am not adventurous in the kitchen and I probably did mess it up.

G and I will be going back either July 4 when the farm re-opens or this weekend.  I have lots of stuff planned like movies, a family reunion and blueberry picking so I am not sure when we will get it all done.  The family thing is mandatory so we won't skip that and both the blueberry thing and movie thing costs money so it will be based on what extra income we will have.  Blueberries are technically a cheaper activity.

This day is seeming to drag because I am so ready to get home and see my baby girl!  I can't really keep my mind on what I am doing.  I am admitting that I am just clock watching today!

Okay, nothing in my personal life going on though lots culturally going on.  I am not wadding there now maybe when I have time to really think things through.  Still remembering that God is on His throne and nothing will be left outside of His perfect will and judgement.  I am depending on His Grace and Mercy everyday.