Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Yummy Nutritious Snack You Won't Mind Your Kids Eating

The other day I saw an article on Yahoo! about the 10 most healthy foods nutritionists eat themselves.  One of them mentioned kale and how good it is for you with all the vitamin K, A, and C, fiber, and calcium.  So this person (to whom I didn't link because I can't find the article again) said to fix it by massaging olive oil on the leaves, baking it at 375 for 10-15 mins. 

Well kale was $.77 the other day so I picked some up.  I don't know if that is high or not because that was the first time I have ever bought it.  G and I made some last night.  We had to add salt after the fact, and I double layered it which meant the bottom row was more soggy.  Lesson learned. 

G, however, who had said she didn't like kale but couldn't remember how it was fixed to tell me how she didn't like it, declared it the best dish.  Actually her words were, "You finally made something better than Uncle C."  heh.

Uncle C is the standard by which my food prep is judged.  He is a very good cook and a bit of a foodie himself so to be told I finally fixed something better in her eyes is a true honor.  G learned to eat asparagus from him (two years ago) and when I finally (this year) was able to fix it almost as well she said, "You finally fixed it right." 

So if your kids want chips and you do not wish to give them potato chips all the time, take about 15-20 mins total and make them kale chips.  They are a very fun veggie too, what with all the curly leaves.  It just feels good to the touch.
This picture was after they were cooked and in reality they did not look this green until I took the picture.  They came out of the oven a bit darker almost wilted looking but still very good and crispy.  If I had seen this picture before I made them I would have thought I messed something up.  The flash of the light captured the bright green color. 

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Vivian M said...

We love baked kale chips! I use wax paper, spray it with Pam, put one layer of kale, sprinkle sea salt and lightly spray with Pam and cook for 10 minutes. Once they start to brown it's time to take them out!