Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are Those Rocks In My Purse? and Other Ramblings

Spent Saturday with my mom and G to initially return a product my mom bought to get rid of brown spots.  The product did not work and there was a money back guarantee, except mom didn't have the receipt and the money back guarantee was only a gift card if returned after 30 days purchase.  So the gift card was used to offset the 5 pairs of levis and 1 pair of black Sunday dress pants for one very patient little girl. 

Yes, for some reason, I do have rocks in my purse.  G put them there and she has failed to get them out now for at least a week.  They add a bit of weight but out of sight out of mind for me.

Work is going very well still.  We are (G and I) looking forward to going on our little weekend mini vacays in the fall.  Money is still tight, what with the whole $3.49/gallon for gas.  I am sure that is cheap to other parts in the country but it is devastatingly high for me.

We have rain here and thankfully my dad fixed my mower and finished mowing the yard before the rain came.  Of course now that the rain has come we will have to mow sooner rather than later again. 

Our car was, well I can't say broken into because it was unlocked, but I will say messed with last night or early morning today.  The console between the seats was opened and the place on the dash that I house my CDs was also opened.  They were both closed last night when we got out of the car.  Nothing was taken because nothing was kept in the car.  I am sure it is mischievous boys looking for loose change but still it is a bit unnerving.  Of course it is also not helping with G's whole fear issues.  First thing she said when I mentioned it is "Good thing they didn't kill us in our beds."  I replied, "Yeah, that would have been a terrible thing to wake up to." 

She also scolded me for not locking the doors so I guess I will start locking the doors.  I told her I couldn't tell if anything was disturbed in the back seat because it lives in a disturbed state now that G is old enough to ride shotgun.  Also, our CDs were left alone.  G wondered why and I pointed out that very few people would want Chinese children CDs or Jesus songs which is what we have in the car.  A little bit of children's communism songs mixed with Jesus songs might have just scared the would be thieves away, heh.

G said, "They didn't take your coupons." 
I said, "Coupons aren't money."
To which she replied, "But they save you money."
blink:blink I said, "G, if someone was going to steal; they probably haven't any need for coupons." 
She said, "Oh right they wouldn't have any money until they stole it then they would need coupons to save money."  The innocent logic of children, I love it.

Anyway, our weekend was completed with a nap (for me) and TV for G.  It is storming pretty badly today so G is stuck inside again. 

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Vivian M said...

Sorry you car was messed with, but I am with G, you really should be locking the car! These are hard times, and tempting fate is not recommended.