Friday, July 12, 2013

Fully Alive

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

In full disclosure: I received this book for free to reveiw back in August 2012. All opinions are 100% my own.

Ken Davis is a very funny man. I truly enjoy hearing him speak. That was why I thought I would enjoy this book. Let me just say that he is much funnier to hear speak than to read. The inflections he uses in his speaking is much easier to see when he is joking or trying to be funny than on a written page.

The jist of the book is his dramatic life changing experience of seeing himself in a photo at the beach and realizing how his weight and lack of exercise were keeping him from fully enjoying his life. He started on a diet and exercise program that has truly made a difference for him. He now can see himself enjoying a much healthier and longer life with his family, particularly his precious grandchildren.

He also recounts a story about camping with his wife and granddaughters when one of the little girls is lost. It is truly every parent/grandparent's nightmare. Not to spoil it but she was found safe but not until exhaustive searches were conducted and quite a bit of hope seemed to be lost. He retells of his desparate prayer to God to just let him take her place, and how she was found but he did not know that when he prayed.

He later recounts a low point in his life with depression and how God brought him through even giving him the sign he requested. Sometimes it just helps to see something specifically asked for to validate God's movement and action in our lives; even though we know He does move on our behalf. Sometimes because of our circumstances we are shortsighted and cannot see God's hand and He is gracious to sometimes honor our request as He honored Gideon's request.

This is Ken Davis' personal journey through discovery of God's purpose for him with encouragement to us to find out how to live in Christ and be Fully Alive.

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