Thursday, July 18, 2013

FYI, Just in case, Warning

If any readers are in my e-mail account, my apologies. Yesterday, I was hacked by a spammer. In 2 mins all the e-mails in my account were sent some form of spam. Most came back with the mailer-Failure(whatever) notice but three people have responded in one form or another to me. So I hope you all know that 1)I have no iPhone (which is from where the spam was sent) 2) I typically don't put my full name in the subject line and 3)I also typically use better grammer than these spammers did. So if you were unlucky enough to receive a notice I am so sorry. I can't send e-mails out from that account right now due to the spammers sending on my e-mail account. I couldn't have called everyone either. I am sure most of the e-mails were just no good after all this time (hopefully). But in the rare case that you received one, please know DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!! That is all!

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