Monday, July 08, 2013

G Get Your Gun

This was G's Sunday afternoon project. While I slept she made a Winchester rifle from paper based on 6 youtube videos. This weekend was a fun weekend. On Wednesday right before I left work my boss told me to take Friday as a holiday as well so I had a four day weekend. (Though today, I do not see the holiday 8 hours on my time card)..

Thursday, G and I picked two gallons of blueberries in 3 hours. She did so well until she didn't. I kept asking if she was hot and each time she replied she was fine. I would mention that I was hot and she would say, "I'm not." Then all of a sudden she wasn't okay and needed water and picked so very s-l-o-w-l-y. I kept telling her to pick up the pace and use both hands and we will be able to leave quickly. Finally, we finished the picking and headed home. G promptly fell asleep in the car. I even took phone video of her snoring, heh. .

Thursday, after lunch we went to see Despicable Me2. It was very cute and we both laughed often as did most of the people in the audience did. It was a great movie so go see it if you can. .

We also picked up some fireworks Thursday afternoon. G was so funny about it. We have never gotten fireworks before and she has seen them up close like at the end of a ballgame but we haven't actually brought any home. I picked up sparklers and a pack of firecrackers. I forgot the puck. I set the fireworks off myself. I had to hold the sparkler first to show her that they are relatively safe. She was so funny and after we were done with those for the day she was so excited and wired for the fact that she got to have fireworks at her house. We still have not shot them all or used all the sparklers. .

Friday, G and I took her play table/chairs, some toys she never played with and her dora kitchen to the Hope House for families who might or might not have toys for Christmas for their children. We finally unpacked the kitchen table as well because we tend to use the kitchen table as the family dumping station. It was pretty packed. So we straightened that area which makes the kitchen just look so much better.

Saturday, we headed into TN for a family reunion. Sometimes I just wonder why I bother. We have a pretty large family and this is mostly my mother's siblings and some of her 1st cousins and most of my first cousins with their children. G had a blast and came home so filthy. She had a tick climbing around in her shirt when she took it off; thankfully, it wasn't attached to her. She and some of her second cousins caught 5 frogs. She begged to keep one and I am absolutely not okay with that. I dislike them. She was invited to spend the night with these cousins but changed her mind because she wanted to go to church on Sunday.

We have a pretty diverse group of people in our family. We are not all like minded and for the most part the tolerant folks are not the liberals in the group. Funny, that. I had an uncle ask me if the photo I use for my facebook pic is Lenin. My eyes couldn't have rolled farther back in my head at that. It is Andrew Breitbart a conservative warrior who has recently passed. His pic is also on the blog. This uncle was trying to be relevant. Call that a fail, heh.

The kids had a blast playing in the country. Like I said, G was filthy when we came home. I didn't even think to bring a change of clothes. She was wet from shoulder blades down from the previous rain. It was nice to get home and bathe. She fell asleep in the car on the way home Saturday as well. She was so very tired and she announced that she was going to sleep. She slept for about an hour and 1/2 on the way home.

Sunday was church and I had my church family with us. There are three ladies that have "adopted" us and that we have sort of "adopted." It was just nice to get to worship together for the end of the July 4th weekend. And then of course I had a wonderful nap while G quickly drew some minions and worked on her paper gun.

Today we are back in work routine and G is out with my parents. Nice weekend was had by all. Going back to routine is nice as well.

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jennifer said...

The gun is awesome! She did a great job!