Monday, July 01, 2013

Home Today

In light of this loss I will be holding G a little bit tighter tonight. Please pray for Teresa's family who will now live with a hole in their hearts until they meet again in heaven.

G may already be in or near home or at my parents anyway.  I am so excited to see my baby girl and hear all about her trip.  Before I can though I am going to represent at the art reception for the students from her school.  The paintings the students (10 of them) did during the year will now be hanging at the Chamber for the month of July.  I am not sure if G is going to come or not.  Since I do not know how tired they will all be from driving in from vacation.  I won't get to see her early if she doesn't come to the reception.  Coming home on a work day will be difficult for us to have time to reconnect.

Blueberry picking was successful Saturday, and I accidentally made jelly when I was trying to make syrup.  I froze 4 quarts but I had a bit more than 2 cups that I thought I could half the recipe for syrup and I am not sure if I just cooked it too long or if something else went wrong.  I am not adventurous in the kitchen and I probably did mess it up.

G and I will be going back either July 4 when the farm re-opens or this weekend.  I have lots of stuff planned like movies, a family reunion and blueberry picking so I am not sure when we will get it all done.  The family thing is mandatory so we won't skip that and both the blueberry thing and movie thing costs money so it will be based on what extra income we will have.  Blueberries are technically a cheaper activity.

This day is seeming to drag because I am so ready to get home and see my baby girl!  I can't really keep my mind on what I am doing.  I am admitting that I am just clock watching today!

Okay, nothing in my personal life going on though lots culturally going on.  I am not wadding there now maybe when I have time to really think things through.  Still remembering that God is on His throne and nothing will be left outside of His perfect will and judgement.  I am depending on His Grace and Mercy everyday.

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