Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Monday at Another Art Reception

G's art was again displayed at our local Chamber. The Chamber gave a reception for the kids and their family. That by the way was the first time I saw her after her trip with my parents. They had just gotten into town and came back in to the reception where I met them. This is a pic of her art teacher. I didn't ask permission for her being on the blog so I blacked out her face.

Now on Saturday evening when we returned home there was a paper on our front step. On the front page of our local paper was G and another of the child artists. Then the story continued and the art teacher spoke of G saying, "She is a super super artist. She can do it all." And something else that I can't remember right now. Yes, we have copies of the paper but I don't have one with me. The paper called G a superstar, heh. G said, "Mama, I have been in the paper a lot this summer." I am extremely proud of her art work but I wish she would take more initiative to do the work herself without wanting to know what she should or shouldn't draw.

We returned to karate last night working on the forms for which I cannot remember each step in every form.  I also can't remember how to do the 1-steps.  G of course remembers each move but she is not very crisp in the moves.  I don't know if she doesn't understand how to be crisp and sharp or if she really just thinks she can get away with noodle arms in her forms.

G is at my parents today.  My aunt and uncle are still here visiting my parents and by default G.  Family is good.  Too much family is sometimes too much.  I am very glad to be back at work.  By the way, I still hate the new blogger.  If I start a post in html and attempt to switch to compose all of a sudden either the cursor will not appear or the mouse stops working.  Sometimes change is change but not for the better.   

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Jennifer said...

Great job, G!! I'm very impressed!! :-)