Monday, July 29, 2013


This weekend was a pretty good weekend until Sunday when I realized my cat had stopped eating.  Poor Simon, though I have been wishing for him to pass, in reality I am not ready.  It makes me sad to see him suffer.  He is no longer loudly greeting me at the door in the morning.  He is too weak to really play.  He is refusing to eat even the canned food not to mention his favorite treats.  He is leaking a bloody substance from his rear and he just feels bad. 

So this morning I was bracing myself to find him because he didn't talk to me when the alarm went off. I am hoping he will be gone when I get home, if he is not; G and I will take him for his last ride in the morning.  I have asked my dad to meet us so he can take him home to bury with the other three pets.  And that will begin a year of absolutely no pets at all and then maybe nothing more than a hamster or foster pets only. 

G and I will re-paint the house and put it back to a every room is being used status.  Geriatric pets are truly unpredictable.  I have been biding my time with them.  Great losses to be sure however I realize they are pets, though loved, not humans.  Pets should not have to suffer as Simon is.  He can't tell me what hurts or how to help him.  Any treatment could kill him potentially as well.

His own beginning was difficult which probably has something to do with his current failing health.  He had been rescued as a young cat (don't know his age but I have had him 9 or ten years) after being hit by a car, literally his hips were crushed.  He survived, was well cared for by a friend of mine, nursed back to health and given to someone.  That someone had him declawed and kept him inside until the apartment manager found out.  Then, the cat was needing a new home and came to me. 

He has had the wrong tooth pulled by a vet once which gave him an Elvis smile.  He practically starved (not really) when my other cat would always eat the lion's share.  Just in the last year he had put on a bit of weight, but now I can tell he has lost it all.  I don't know when he stopped eating, but I noticed a lot of dry food left longer than normal yesterday morning and he refused to eat his canned food or treats.  So I would say a couple of days at this point. 

Now come to think of it he wasn't actually keeping what he did eat down last week.   I have now been through this with 3 other cats, most recently, Abigail last year.  He will be the fourth to have to be put down.   The deterioration comes quickly with small animals, at least in my own experience.  There is no point in holding on when he really is just in so much distress.  Even his once loud cries are soft and sickly.  Thankfully, I had recorded him earlier, and now we have that saved.  I won't post them until he is gone.  

Anyway, the beginning of the week is one more reminder of the frailty of life.  He has truly been a good cat. 

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Vivian M said...

I am so very sorry. It is never easy to see a beloved pet suffer. Sending hugs.