Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Safari

Yes, that zebra is in my passenger side window where G is also sitting though she scooted much closer to me. Apparently, Africa came to TN at some point and a safari park was born. For us it was a 2 hour drive there and 2 hours spent driving through feeding animals like emus, ostriches, camels (who took the food bucket before I ever got started), zebras, bison, dear and all sorts of other animals. It was fun and nerve wracking all at once. The zebras wanted to eat the mirrors off my car. A pot bellied pig refused to move from in front of me and I had to back up and drive around the inconvenient little thing.

The safari also has a "petting" zoo but most of the stuff to pet are goats, sheep and alpacas or lamas (I don't know the difference). The other animals were in cages but still they were animals we might not see elsewhere. G fed a giraffe as you can see. I did too but G wouldn't take a picture of me doing so. She was getting in a mood by that point.

It made for a pretty fun Saturday. Then we tried to mow the yard but the mower stopped working not even half way through. No idea why, still not fixed. I am not mechanical so I have no answers nor the ability to fix it.

The highlight of the weekend for me though was the acquittal of George Zimmerman. FBI determined early in the investigation there were no racial underpinnings. The prosecutors should be disbarred. Florida should be sued and NBC is being sued. This was classic self defense and those who are lifting Trayvon Martin up as some kind of martyr or role model have been drinking the MSM kool-aid for too long. He was a thug. No better than the white teen who beat the black homeless man to death in Florida that GZ helped to bring awareness to for an arrest. It was never about race and the MSM still refer to GZ as a "white Hispanic." Really? Too bad GZ is a black/Hispanic/white mix and identifies as a Hispanic. He also voted for Obama. He may regret that now that Obama is using his administration to persecute him.

I read a very sad post of a white mom with adopted black children decrying the very future of her boys and how a murderer walked free. UGH! She claimed it was white privilege that TM was dead and GZ was free. She is the soft bigot who expects bad behavior and will instill in her children, not the truth, but the idea that they are and will always be victims. How very sad. Justice for TM was meted out when he beat the snot out of someone who was concerned, not about race, but about safety of his neighborhood. 911 operators cannot give commands. GZ did nothing wrong. How many of those now persecuting GZ would actually refuse to defend themselves if they were being beaten for a minimum of 40 seconds? Go read this man's tweets. He is making sense out of this ridiculous persecution.

Instead of holding up TM as some sort of Emmit Tiller, why don't we honor true heroes such as Temar Boggs and his friend? If I had a son I would want him to be like Temar Boggs, not like TM.

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Vivian M said...

Beautiful picture of the nosy zebra! I have a bit of catching up to do on blog posts, but glad G's vacation was fun, and the family reunion went well. I think every family has an uncle or aunt like that, lol.

So proud of Miss G on the art gallery/newspaper article!