Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Day of 4th Grade

Somehow she regressed; she looks younger to me today.  I suppose apprehension will do this to her. Here is the post from the first day of 3rd grade and she seemed just as apprehensive. This picture of her in the orange t-shirt was just this morning.  The pic below is the last day of third grade. 

She wanted me to walk in with her. I initially thought I would just let her go alone but decided better of it. We have had two mornings of very close meltdowns probably only because of stress and slight fear.

This weekend we rented from Amazon Meet the Robinsons. I have never asked G if she wanted to watch this movie but sometime this summer she had seen it on Disney at my parent's home and it is one of her top 10 movies now. We had a 3 day rental so we were able to watch it twice. I had never seen it though I knew the basic plot from adoption classes. That and Tarzan were discussed at length with prospective and newly adoptive parents. Claim was the movies could open up doors of discussion with your child. It didn't for G though.

As far as message? the movie was great even for adults. The whole keep moving forward and even a small nod to celebrate failures (because we all fail) was great. The contrast with Goob's life and the Robinson clan was great. I know I personally am more of a Goob not so much in wanting to destroy someone else's future but in staying too much in the failures of my own past, not letting it go. Great movie, maybe Santa will bring a DVD for G this Christmas.

The tooth fairy brought G a book series The Truth Chronicles that we started last night. On top of the books she will read from school, this is a series I will read to her. We will need to pick back up on the Chronicles of Narnia this year as well. She has been asked (or we as parents were asked by the reading teacher) to read at least 20 minutes a day on top of the class novel they will read.

Saturday, we ended up taking my mom to a Sports Authority to get some things for her water aerobics which she loves. While there we picked up another pair of tennis shoes for G. When I was a little girl I had a pair of leather Nikes that I wore every day which caused my feet to stink to high heaven. I determined that G would never have that. If I couldn't get two of the same pair of shoes (different colors) then I would get her two pair of tennis shoes no matter for her to switch every day so they will have time to dry between. There is nothing more mortifying than having stinky feet. So we found her 2nd pair of tennis shoes for the school year and two light weight jackets that she will probably be able to wear until December or January even. It doesn't really get THAT cold here until Jan or Feb. And thankfully everything was on sale. G actually bought one of the jackets herself (she mowed the grass Sat afternoon in return). I thought it was a great deal too.

I culled through some books yesterday instead of taking a nap. I found my Grandmother's Memories book that actually my dog chewed on. I was angry at that dog all over again but I read through it anyway. My mother's mother was fiercely independent. She mellowed in her older age with regard to the roles of males and females. She had a rebellious heart just like G has. She did not think it fair that boys and girls were treated differently (in her day it was even more different). I was reading in the Old Testament where the price for redemption of baby boys and baby girls was different and G was just beside herself. "See," she said, "Boys are more valuable than girls." So my grandmother was a lot like G is now.

So after reading this part of my grandmother's memory I looked at G and said, "You may be from a whole different country with no blood connection, but you are my grandmother made over!" She just looked at me a bit confused and then smiled. I even had a tearful moment reading some of her thoughts about me and what she believed my grandfather would have thought about me. He died 9 1/2 months before I was born. She put 8 months in the book but he died in Dec and I was born in Sept the next year. G respectfully sat quietly while I had my tearful moment. Just thinking about it makes me choke up still. She made a book for all 15 of her grandchildren. Obviously some of the pages were just copied from book to book. She did try though and personalize the pages with regard to each grandchild.

Anyway, I finally decided to release a whole bunch of books. And to let you know what books mean to me, I have hundreds of books in ebook format now not to mention about 300 physical books at my house (it maybe more I haven't actually counted). Getting rid of books or throwing away books is anathema to me (as is writing in them or gluing one together for decoration purposes or cutting pages out of the middle for hiding places or bending pages). And yes I have held onto books because I didn't feel right in giving them away because maybe they were not in line with scripture though before reading the books I didn't know just how out of line they were. I was not willing to allow someone to accidentally get a hold of a book that might be heretical or harm some one's faith. So yes, I have/had a lot of books and it could be labeled an obsession with books, I suppose. But now that I am determined to get rid of stuff, I am making much more of an effort to acknowledge that if I haven't read it already, then I probably won't. Plus ebooks, SQUEE!

We are now one step closer to fixing all the cracks in the wall and then to kilz the dining room. This project may have been too big for me to tackle. I may have to have an open house next year not in Dec. The year is already crushing my time commitments and plans. This year will continually speed up too. I am sure I will blink and half G's 4th grade will be over. She of course believes time is going way too slowly. Funny how we spend most of childhood wishing it away only to become adults (as we wished) wishing time would slow down.

Yesterday at church we did the blessing of the backpacks and a prayer over all the children and school worker's for a good and blessed year. And G has the majority of her 4th grade Sunday school class in her class at school too plus the kids from the Baptist church she attends on Wed night(my parents go to that one). I think she is covered in people who know her or at least to whom she belongs.

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