Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Day of Summer Break

Monday is the start of school for G. I am not sure she is ready. She wants to start school and stay on summer break at the same time. Isn't that what we all wanted (except for our parents) to both go to school and stay on summer break?

So not much else happening this week. I have several friends and or Sunday school class members very sick, in the hospital or hospice (one dear woman). It makes me very sad in one way to see people I love hurting, but I know they know the Great Physician and the Comforter He sent. Death and the grave was conquered at the cross but suffering will remian until Christ's return. He never promised no suffering, no illness but that He would be right there with us through all of our struggles. This is a relationship of which He speaks.

Knowing or believing there is a God is one thing but that God allows you to know Him directly and wants to be in relationship with us, well, that is a totally radical thing all together. He took religion and turned it on its head via the cross to make a relationship with us. He gave us religion to learn how to walk in relationship with Him.

With Egypt in colossal melt down, our nation throwing the liberty given by divine authority away with each move toward governmental slavery and personal friends suffering, without God all is vanity of vanities.

Work is still going well. We will be getting busy in the next few months with the health plan and looking at other options. G and I are still going on two mini vacays soon. It seems today that no body is here or that it should be a holiday because of the quiet stillness at work. It has been that way all day. I moved around the set of cubicles to a solitary cube (I was between two at the end of a hall) and I LOVE BEING A HERMIT. I really was moving away from one of the accountants because besides being a bit strange he was also listening and commenting on my calls.

The last hour and 10 mins will drag by today though because everyone is ready to go. It is Friday after all. Our big weekend plans of painting hit a financial snag due to an unknown bill (legit) I received. So instead we will continue to clean, organize and move furniture so that we can paint as soon as I get some extra money budgeted. I also need to go through all the books I have and decide what to keep or get rid of, I am sure I can cull a few. I also plan to make more blueberry syrup; I have been out for 3 weeks but haven't had time to make any.

Oh and I am carrying around G's tooth that took us to the dentist 2 weeks ago because she pulled it yesterday. And, no, she doesn't have room in her mouth for all of her permanent teeth to come in. And she left that tooth at my parents where she pulled it so that the toothfairy did not come visit. So tonight we shall be visited. With what I don't know. I think a whole series of Christian books for young readers. When do I get to admit the toothfairy is just me?

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Vivian M said...

I will never admit to being a tooth fairy. ;)

Your co worker sounds creepy, I hope you can make the move permanent!

Wishing you both an easy transition back to school, packing lunches, and doing homework. We don't start until September, and I am not looking forward to it!