Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Weekend in Review

We borrowed the Star Wars trilogy from a friend and finished it this weekend. You know, it was a whole lot cooler when it first came out and I was not even a teenager yet. Now, it is just very muppetish and silly. Please don't be offended Star Wars fans, my daughter is now a fan and wants the boxed set for Christmas. Of course she is 9. I have heard that the clone wars pre-qual is better but I haven't a desire to see it.

We purchased 10 different sample paint colors to try out on the house. In the big box store with the very bright white lights both G and I loved the colors we picked. When we got home and put them on the wall, only 1 color made the cut but since we sampled on the wall we now have to paint. So I think we will start with the color we like which is the dining room color and work from there. So I guess the dining room will be the first room to be painted.

Sunday, we mowed the yard after I had a good long nap. After going to church in the morning, I love my Sunday afternoon naps. Hate that I am getting old and now the naps offset my bedtime. That is okay, I still take them. G actually mowed the yard after I outlined it. I give her a margin to work in. She did really well this time and we only ran out of gas once which is usually how it works for me; for G not so much.

Saturday we dressed all 70s style to celebrate a birthday for a friend. G said it would have been easier to have a 2000s theme birthday because we are in the 2000s and she has clothes for that, heh. Some styles are coming back and tie-dye is always popular. Her long hair worn down worked too. We dressed early 70s for that matter.

This week is rainy and full of mosquitos. G has at least 20 bites on one leg, 7 on one arm and countless others over the rest of her. I warned her to use the bug spray when she goes out at my parents. Their garage on a rainy day is perfect for mosquitos to converge.

School starts back in 2 more weeks. I think most of the supplies she had last year will be re-used. I just don't see the point in purchasing all new when G takes such good care of her stuff. That is truly something innate to her. She just isn't destructive. I was. None of my stuff could be re-used after the year. And of course it wasn't intentionally destructive just carelessly destructive. So glad G is opposite me in that respect. Of course it could be a bit of OCD in her too.

So that is the whole weekend in a nutshell.

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Vivian M said...

Sorry about the bug bites. I have heard that Avon Skin So Soft works as a repellent (but we have never tried it).
What paint color did you end up picking? Please post a picture when you are done!
Kerri loses most of her school stuff, and she is not neat or organized as Miss G! I think this is the first year her backpack isn't completely torn apart.
Have fun painting!