Wednesday, September 25, 2013

See You at the Pole

G attended for the first time a "See You at the Pole" rally at her school. They met at 7am which is roughly 30 mins earlier than we have to leave the house even. So I had to get up so very early to get us both ready.

Sounded like such a good idea last night until 5 this morning when the alarm went off. Then I sat on the edge of the bed for a minute before I reset the alarm to give me another 20 minutes. I think that ultimately hurt me in hindsight.

On top of being so very tired my insides just aren't feeling right. I am so very tired and this is only Wednesday, UGH! Even my skin feels weird and crawly which usually doesn't feel that way until closer to 10pm.

Have I ever mentioned how I am one of those people who truly need 9 hours of sleep nightly but I don't get that much. We end up going to bed later than I want most nights. I get caught up reading news because I am a news junky. I am a light sleeper which is the worst thing to be at my house! And I have to get up early to make sure we are both ready for school and work.

Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to "falling back" this year? Well, every year? I think I am going to have to make G spend the night with my parents so I can take full advantage of it.

I am seriously proud of her for wanting to go. She said she really needed to go pray for her math test, heh. I mentioned that she could also pray for our government, her school and her friends.

Poor baby had a tummy ache too this morning. I hope she worked it out soon after she got in the building. That is a miserable feeling to have.

I was glad she wanted to do this and will support her in it. But next year I am going to bed much earlier!!

I can't wait to hear the update about it later tonight.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mostly Laundry for the Weekend

Gah, cleaning floors and laundry just seem to be such repetative chores :}

We did mostly nothing this weekend. G did get to go to the neighbor girls and play for 3 hours Sunday afternoon. Saturday though it was grocery shopping and laundry. I did open all the windows and cranked the air up so it wouldn't come on and enjoyed the wonderful breeze. It has been so nice this summer with relatively few hot days. Of course now the weather is cooling off and mosquitos are priming up of which the results can be seen on G's arms and legs.

I took no pictures because we didn't do anything. We did attempt to watch The Hobbit Friday night but G fell asleep before Bilbo met Gollum so we watched it Saturday afternoon. We are both excited about the next one coming out though it won't hold to the book according to Peter Jackson.

We have watched, or tried to watch, The Fellowship of the Ring and seeing it again makes me realize just how weak Peter Jackson made Frodo appear. I mean characterwise, he is a big w*eenie. Watching it again just made me disappointed in Frodo. G fell asleep in that movie too. She hasn't actually watched it all the way through.

Currently, I am following the Cruz filibuster on Twitter. I hope if it does nothing else it will get Dems on record voting for this trainwreck. It needs to be repealed and other ideas like, tort reform and insurance being allowed to be sold across state lines, should be looked at. Take it all back to an individual market, get employers out of it. Anything will be better than O'care.

Anyway, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Since G isn't playing any sport this fall, I am truly enjoying not being rushed around on a Saturday!

Updated to fix the very poor spacing problem.

Monday, September 16, 2013

G's very big WEEKEND

All pictures are from Sunday. G's Sunday school teachers live next to people who rescue alligators or something. The Sunday school teachers' son is also in G's class at school. On Friday, they had their neighbors bring a baby gator to show G's class. G was so upset that she didn't get to touch the gator on Friday. Thankfully the Sunday school teachers asked their neighbors to bring it to church for their class to see. G held it as you can see.

Sunday night G and I attended the Sanctus Real and Francesca Battistelli concert. G was able to get autographs of Sanctus Real and then she got a t-shirt. We both liked Sanctus Real better than the headliner. Seemed more worshipful and less entertaining to me.

Here G is at the stage for the very last song of the whole evening. We got home and ate dinner at 10pm and to bed, G to sleep by 11pm but me almost midnight. I did not sleep well either.

I am so very tired now and am needing to go to bed very early or a nap. Saturday, G participated in a donation only, GA car wash. Girls in Action (GAs) is a Christian (southern Baptist) alternative to the Girl Scouts. So Saturday they washed cars to raise money for pure water in Africa. All of the events the GAs do are oriented in Missions. They raise a lot of money for missions. They have an amazing director and teachers that are very willing to give time and talent to teach them all. G has this year and one more before she ages out.

G and I also took my mom to buy a new wallet. Her's fell apart. We also went to lunch at G's favorite place, Pei Wei. I was able to take a nap after we washed my mom's car in her yard since she missed the car wash while G was there. I had paid the GAs for mom's car so G washed it at home, heh. Anyway, it was a fun weekend.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget! 12th Anniversary


Now we have Benghazi and the cover-up. We must remember and we must honor our fallen Americans. We must have justice.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Conversations with G

G made this observation this weekend, "Mama, you know how they say 'mamas have eyes in the back of their heads'?"

I said, "Yes" wondering the whole time why this is coming up since it hasn't been said in a long time.

She said, "Well, even if that was true they still couldn't see through all that hair."

I was telling G about a couple in an article who decided to live as if it were 1986 (the year they were born) because they were losing their small children to iPads and iPods and such. She said, somewhat incredulously, "So what about lights, what did they do? light candles all the time with no electricity?"

I did explain that electricity was invented during that time. She did tell me that I should do that for her but I pointed out what wasn't accessible in 1970 at least for us. We were still on a party line as late as 1975 and had a color TV in 1979 for the first time. Of course that could just be because my parents couldn't afford one sooner.

Sometimes I would like to chuck all the electronic and internet, computers etc but then we would be very disconnected from the world. And G is funny because one minute she wants to live like the couple but then the next she is BEGGING for cable TV which I haven't had since 1994 and really very little TV since 1995. Movies on VHS and DVD yes but until G received her 7" travel TV/DVD player for Christmas 3 years or so ago we haven't had any TV. She also wants and iTouch or iPod and unlimited very fast wi-fi. Um, no...

Friday, September 06, 2013

Pictures from Our Trip

G standing at a cannon on the Pea Ridge Battle Field after her fall.
Me standing at a cannon. The white, it blinds!

G swimming at the pool.
G on a caboose in historic Rogers, AR

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Holiday Away

G and I spent our Labor Day holiday out of town. We left Friday after work (I got 3 hours of vacay that day so left early, yippee) and arrived partly due to traffic problems around 11pm. We visited Bentonville, AR for a specific reason: the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Wonderful collection of art but rather snooty employees in some areas. We saw some fantastic works of American art from the beginning of American history through to the 20th century. And the Angels and TomBoys exhibit that we missed in the big city was on display, so we were able to see it as well.

G was in a mood due to lack of sleep and just general not getting her way but we managed to get through the entire museum anyway. Of course we weren't able to truly comprehend everything, I think it would have been worth going over several days to see and process everything. The visit to this museum we made on Sunday after a breakfast/lunch of Chinese food. We slept really late on Sunday because we stayed up really late on Saturday night.

But let me back up a day. Saturday was the day we had originally planned to go to Crystal Bridges but due to excitement and breakfast being served only until 9:30 we ended up getting up too early. We were out of the motel room by 8:30am and the museum didn't open until 10. Plus motel coffee is terrible and I needed some coffee. After being given directions for the *bucks for my coffee fix, we looked up how close we were to Pea Ridge Military museum. This was the largest battle West of the Mississippi and a strategic loss for the South. The North was able to cut off communication and supply lines of the Confederates from East to West. So split decision to change plans lead us to visit Pea Ridge which is also the most intact battle fields of the Civil War.

I didn't realize how close we were going to be to that field so I was glad we found out. There were 10 stops on the driving tour and at stop #3 G told me she was going to run back to the car to which I replied, "Don't fall." I got back to the car and she said, "Mama, do you remember when you said to me 'don't fall'?" I said, "yes, did you fall?" Oh yes she fell and skint her knee, palms of her hands and dropped the camera she was carrying which then decided not to work for the rest of the day.

So we had 7 more stops we had to get through with her being in a bit of pain. The skinned knee and hands were not necessarily terrible but they were stinging. I ended up pouring half a bottle of cold water I had bought for me to drink on her skinned hands and knee. But it did seem to help her, so it was worth it.

For lunch we ate at a NY style pizzeria. We requested water for because we had just come back from the battle field and were hot and tired. We ordered way too much food and the water tasted dirty. When I requested bottled water, the waitress said they didn't carry it. I ended up getting G a lemonade and me a sprite. The waitress didn't charge us for it. We take for granted our very good water where we live until we go somewhere that has terrible water.

After lunch we headed into historic Bentonville to see the Walton 5 & 10 which is the first Walmart. There is a museum and oldfashioned products that would have been sold there. G wanted a bow and arrow set from there. She got a wood carved musket and wood carved yo-yo from the Pea Ridge gift shop. We also headed to the Walton old fashioned soda fountain shop but G only wanted water which after our lunch made this visit ironic. This place had on the menu triple filtered water. When I asked what it was the staff said it is just plain water that doesn't taste like dirt because of the triple filter. So they gave us two of the best tasting glasses of water we would have on this little trip. We sat at a table on the side walk and enjoyed our water.

When we got back to the motel room I bandaged G's knee and then after watching a bit of TV she wanted to swim so we headed to the pool. I chose to wait and swim Sunday morning after we got up for the day. She stayed in the pool for a bit then we headed to dinner which was at an Asian fusion place. Problem was the sauces were too sweet for G. It was really good I thought but her honey noodles were too sweet and not like Pei Wei, her favorite place. The teriyaki sauce for her rice was also too sweet. We had a fried cheese cake though that was excellent. My own salad was great. I had to order G some fried rice plus she did eat some edamame as well.

We came home on Monday and I was so very glad to be home I could hardly stand myself. G however wanted to stay for much longer. I believe a vacay option for her is to just check in for a week at a much nicer hotel and stay there not going anywhere but the pool. This motel though on the surface looked clean was not really tops. There were some rooms that seemed to have long term residents and one of them had a dog which had fleas which after I saw a flea on our counter (brought from his room by the maids) I couldn't stop itching. Also the bathroom floors were never swept or mopped while we were there which was evidenced by the deaf fly I had killed and dropped accidentally on the floor by the trash. So the longer I stayed there the more I realized a cheap hotel is just that, cheap and sometimes questionable. By the time we left it was really starting to get to me!

We did drive through some heavy rain and our lunch stop took longer than expected but we were home just before 5pm Monday. I am still exhausted. I do have pictures but they are at home on the laptop. I will try to remember to post some later. All in all it was a pretty good trip. G and I both had our meltdown moments. Me of being in an unfamiliar place with not much information and little sleep and G with wanting everything or wanting to do everything right then and not getting her way. G really does believe she is my equal and tells me often when I am not "minding" her. Sometimes I let it roll but sometimes I don't and the times I don't end badly. She was actually pretty awful in the museum, intentionally so.

But like I said, we had fun and it was good to get away and great to come home.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

43 Things Post

Yep, 43 years ago today I graced this world with my presence, heh. So in honor of my 43 birthday, which is not a milestone except that I am still here, I will list 43 of my favorite things (in no particular order other than the things I can remember or am currently thinking about).

1) Vanilla and blueberry flavors

2) picking blueberries

3) Creamy vanilla coffee the color of light tan (not watered down)

4) travelling to historical places

5) museums

6) books

7) Scrabble on the Kindle 3G

8) movies at home

9) Bookstores particularly if there is a sale

10) journals

11) nice new notebooks/sketch books

12) brand new crayons

13) office supply magazines (yes, I know I am weird)

14) my daughter's bedroom (it just looks so cozy, I don't understand why she doesn't spend time in there)

15) the color blue

16) ice cold water with cucumbers or orange slices or lemons

17) people watching

18) painting walls (which is why I am so disappointed that I had more ideas than money on the whole painting the house thing)

19) having no pets in the house (I love the idea of pets but not the actual care of pets)

20) Getting older (yes I really do like getting older not necessarily the aches and pains that come with it)

21) pictures and photo albums

22) the idea of big families (I personally would not like to be the mom of a big family but I love seeing big families. I know my own limitations)

23) Fresh mowed grass (really though, who doesn't?)

24) church the current one and the one we moved from and my current Sunday School class members

25) singing in the choir even though I am not good at it.

26) the internet even though bad things can be found there I love the access to the world

27) news (good or bad) I love reading news

28) Duck Dynasty (no explanation necessary)

29) HGTV and Food Network

30) hanging out with my parents watching country music or southern gospel music shows

31) modern homes

32) running (even though I have not been able to get back into it for a long time)

33) oil painting (again, haven't made time to do this)

34) fine dining experiences

35) G's artwork (it is all over my house)

36) babies between 9 months and 3 years old (I like bigger kids too but this would be my fav age)

37) almost any musical, opera or play

38) dinner dates (though I haven't been on one in almost 10 years which is why I probably like them. Must just the the idea of dinner dates)

39) visiting the zoo

40) history, even the grim parts (if you don't know your history you are doomed to repeat it)

41) texting so I don't have to speak to anyone

42) naps particularly on Sunday

43) spending time with my G

There you have it. This won't be an annual list because I probably won't remember to do a list next year. There are of course lots of things left off but these are the things I was thinking of today.