Monday, September 16, 2013

G's very big WEEKEND

All pictures are from Sunday. G's Sunday school teachers live next to people who rescue alligators or something. The Sunday school teachers' son is also in G's class at school. On Friday, they had their neighbors bring a baby gator to show G's class. G was so upset that she didn't get to touch the gator on Friday. Thankfully the Sunday school teachers asked their neighbors to bring it to church for their class to see. G held it as you can see.

Sunday night G and I attended the Sanctus Real and Francesca Battistelli concert. G was able to get autographs of Sanctus Real and then she got a t-shirt. We both liked Sanctus Real better than the headliner. Seemed more worshipful and less entertaining to me.

Here G is at the stage for the very last song of the whole evening. We got home and ate dinner at 10pm and to bed, G to sleep by 11pm but me almost midnight. I did not sleep well either.

I am so very tired now and am needing to go to bed very early or a nap. Saturday, G participated in a donation only, GA car wash. Girls in Action (GAs) is a Christian (southern Baptist) alternative to the Girl Scouts. So Saturday they washed cars to raise money for pure water in Africa. All of the events the GAs do are oriented in Missions. They raise a lot of money for missions. They have an amazing director and teachers that are very willing to give time and talent to teach them all. G has this year and one more before she ages out.

G and I also took my mom to buy a new wallet. Her's fell apart. We also went to lunch at G's favorite place, Pei Wei. I was able to take a nap after we washed my mom's car in her yard since she missed the car wash while G was there. I had paid the GAs for mom's car so G washed it at home, heh. Anyway, it was a fun weekend.

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Vivian M said...

What an awesome weekend!