Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mostly Laundry for the Weekend

Gah, cleaning floors and laundry just seem to be such repetative chores :}

We did mostly nothing this weekend. G did get to go to the neighbor girls and play for 3 hours Sunday afternoon. Saturday though it was grocery shopping and laundry. I did open all the windows and cranked the air up so it wouldn't come on and enjoyed the wonderful breeze. It has been so nice this summer with relatively few hot days. Of course now the weather is cooling off and mosquitos are priming up of which the results can be seen on G's arms and legs.

I took no pictures because we didn't do anything. We did attempt to watch The Hobbit Friday night but G fell asleep before Bilbo met Gollum so we watched it Saturday afternoon. We are both excited about the next one coming out though it won't hold to the book according to Peter Jackson.

We have watched, or tried to watch, The Fellowship of the Ring and seeing it again makes me realize just how weak Peter Jackson made Frodo appear. I mean characterwise, he is a big w*eenie. Watching it again just made me disappointed in Frodo. G fell asleep in that movie too. She hasn't actually watched it all the way through.

Currently, I am following the Cruz filibuster on Twitter. I hope if it does nothing else it will get Dems on record voting for this trainwreck. It needs to be repealed and other ideas like, tort reform and insurance being allowed to be sold across state lines, should be looked at. Take it all back to an individual market, get employers out of it. Anything will be better than O'care.

Anyway, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Since G isn't playing any sport this fall, I am truly enjoying not being rushed around on a Saturday!

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Vivian M said...

I hear you! A Mom's work is never done....as for the movies, Kerri is frightened by Lord of the Rings, so we have not been able to watch it yet.