Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Conversations with G

G made this observation this weekend, "Mama, you know how they say 'mamas have eyes in the back of their heads'?"

I said, "Yes" wondering the whole time why this is coming up since it hasn't been said in a long time.

She said, "Well, even if that was true they still couldn't see through all that hair."

I was telling G about a couple in an article who decided to live as if it were 1986 (the year they were born) because they were losing their small children to iPads and iPods and such. She said, somewhat incredulously, "So what about lights, what did they do? light candles all the time with no electricity?"

I did explain that electricity was invented during that time. She did tell me that I should do that for her but I pointed out what wasn't accessible in 1970 at least for us. We were still on a party line as late as 1975 and had a color TV in 1979 for the first time. Of course that could just be because my parents couldn't afford one sooner.

Sometimes I would like to chuck all the electronic and internet, computers etc but then we would be very disconnected from the world. And G is funny because one minute she wants to live like the couple but then the next she is BEGGING for cable TV which I haven't had since 1994 and really very little TV since 1995. Movies on VHS and DVD yes but until G received her 7" travel TV/DVD player for Christmas 3 years or so ago we haven't had any TV. She also wants and iTouch or iPod and unlimited very fast wi-fi. Um, no...

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Vivian M said...

Kerri told me a girl brought her cell phone to school yesterday. The girl is 8! Last year Kerri asked for an Ipod and an Ipad. She learned about it from classmates that brought them to school. Kerri got neither.
As for the eyes behind my head, I've had that logic used against me too, lol.