Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All A Honor Roll

This morning was the 1st honor's program at G's school. I received the messaging call last night about it. G didn't know anything about it being today. Anyway, my parents were not able to go due to the funeral of my great aunt, so I did go. I now have 2 hours to make up at work, but it was worth it for both G and me. She really wanted someone there.

The big surprise wasn't the all As, because report cards came out last week. The real surprise for us both was that she and a boy from her class received the top two reader awards for their class. They only called out the top two readers (or those with most AR points) for each class. She didn't think she had either spot. I was proud of her anyway, but she did really try to get the top spot. Of course she didn't really push until the last possible moment which was frustrating to me.

I haven't any idea what she will do this nine weeks about AR. I told her she needed to at least meet the goal set for her with regard to the points but that she didn't have to try to get anything over it if she didn't wish and could read what she wanted within reason (no scary stuff like goosebumps). She agreed at the time, but this award may make her strive to win it again.

Anyway, I am at work now. My mother is back home from her sister weekend so we will get to see her tonight. We had dinner last night with just my dad and watched Wheel together. Tonight we have to deliver the frozen foods G sold. I think we will not do this selling next year because it is way more trouble than it is worth! At least to me, it is!

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Vivian M said...

Congrats Miss G on your awards! We are very proud of you!

And our sincere condolences on the loss of your Great Aunt.