Friday, October 18, 2013

How Do the Weekends Get So Busy?

G excitedly tells me on Monday that she has a project due in reading/literature class about tornadoes or something. Actually, it is 2 projects due on the same day,yea! 4th grade. G and her grandad (my dad) did the first one on their own, but I have to adjust some of the items because they are going to be displayed in a hall, and I don't want them stolen. The other was a paper that could also have a power point presentation with it. My dad doesn't know how to do a power point; though, if he took a minute he would be a pro at it. Anyway, G and my dad did the work in the paper so now G and I will put the power point together on Saturday. We have already started working on it. She also has to work on presentation. I may be kind and type her little 3 paragraph paper for her or not.

Then Wednesday, she discovers that she isn't the top reader in class this 9 weeks when she thought she would be. A boy who wasn't even on her competition radar hit that point Wednesday. So G decides she wants to try to at least get 30 AR points and to do that we had to find a book. Let's just say there was a 45 minute total full on out meltdown Wednesday night with comments such as "I am moving out at age 13 so I can read Harry Potter and Goosebumps". Yeah, it was fun and ended with me holding her like a baby trying to rock in bed.

Thursday, I barely get into my parents house to pick G up and she excitedly tells me she has a science project on the water cycle due in two weeks that will get her extra points if she can turn it in Friday (today) or Monday. (and if you read that last sentence fast and all out of breath, that is exactly how she hit me with it). She really wanted it done for today, but I nixed that. There is just not enough time during the week to do a project when I get to my parents to pick her up at 6pm and we get home after 7pm. Lots of extra credit being given for the project the flashier and more 3D it is. UGH! So now we have two projects to do, grocery shopping and normal laundry pile to complete all on Saturday.

We were also going to go to the FCC Harvest Moon Festival Saturday evening, but really I just don't see how since it is so far away. G also wants to carry on with our Friday night movie viewing in bed except that we are both so very tired. We haven't been in ages due to the drive out and back. It would be so nice to see how all the girls and a few boys are growing plus seeing the newbies home. There aren't that many of them I don't believe with the slow down. I just really don't see how we will have everything ready though by the time we would need to leave.

She had a meltdown last night too over the price of a book, and then she read said book until almost 11pm. She finished reading it this morning and has already tested on it. It was an expensive last minute kindle purchase just to reach her 30 AR points which she wanted to accomplish. She really didn't want to pay me for getting it, and she took an hour to decide about an easy book to read in the first place. Then when I hit purchase she had changed her mind but it was too late then. She paid me back for the book, but I may pay her for making 100 on it if she is in a good mood when I get home. I haven't told her yet so I will judge just how poorly her lack of planning has made her feel. She has been quite disrespectful and argumentative with me lately. So we are up to two meltdowns in a row for the week.

Oh and that back talk is going to be the death of me!! I don't know how my mother stood 4 of us and I know I had/have a mouth on me. I hate not having the last word! Maybe I was the only one with whom my mother had to deal. I don't remember my siblings getting in that much trouble for the same. They may have but I just don't remember it.

I am so very tired. We have a planned mini vacay coming up soon, and I so want it to go well. It may not be restful, but I want it to be fun. Actually, it will be restful in a not being in work or school kind of way but tiring in a long drive out of our element and experiencing lots of change sort of way. By the way, neither of us like change, and we both have a need to control EVERYTHING! even each other sometimes mostly always.

The GAs of which G is one is participating in a lock-in/prayer walk tonight. G has never done this one (it is for a badge), and she isn't doing this one tonight either. Now with the projects looming, I am glad she isn't. I will say, however, I did want her to go to it. Next year will be her last chance to earn this badge, and I think she will enjoy it plus it will give me a night alone. She is old enough to do so this year. Maybe next year she will be ready. I will not push her too early.

Work is gearing up to be busy but it is not there just yet or rather it isn't too bad yet. I am finally accumulating PTO. I don't have much and will be saving it for spring break if the company doesn't doesn't decide to pay rather than play in the ACA. If they opt out of health ins there will be no need for a benefits assistant (me) because the other benefits are not a burden to administer. Pray that I will outlast the bad US economy so that if I do have to leave or leave on my own it will be to something even better. I like it here and don't wish to leave but I also can see the companies options. One of the training positions is being vacated and not being re-filled. So how it stands right now, as someone leaves they are not replacing them within the administrative offices that is. The field works differently.

We are looking at a very busy weekend. I am still glad it is Friday. Our Friday karate class has been changed to a TBD time later in the year, YEA! I just received an e-mail AR notice on a book G tested not making a great score. It was a book she only listened too on CD a while ago. I do not care if she made a bad grade on it but I suspect she will be a bit upset by it. I hope not. I also hope she didn't get this far to be beat out but if she did she gave it her all. I gave her permission to only test to the assigned points and read what she wants as long as it isn't Goosebumps or Harry Potter. I just think she will be too scared for those. I am also just not sure I like the idea of Harry Potter. I haven't read them but if I could be convinced in my own conscience that they were okay I might read them with her. I am just not there yet.

So have a Happy Fall Friday, Y'all!

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Vivian M said...

Wow! Kerri never has homework.I have no idea what she is learning in school.
Good luck Miss G with your projects! Hope you get a great score/grade!
We haven't done the overnight thing yet either, Kerri did not want to go to camp this year with Girl Guides.
Have a great weekend and mini vacay!