Monday, October 14, 2013

Totally MIA Because, No Reason

If you aren't on Twitter, you should be. And you should follow Pat Sajak, because he is very very funny. This was a post and response with him. Twitter is basically an open e-mail for those who have a Twitter account. So the first Tweet was his and I responded not expecting anything because really, he has lots of followers. But he did respond.
If you can't read it, This was the exchange:

Pat Sajak @patsajak: "Signed over 7,000 autographs in past 3 days. Been able to give away nearly 300 of them so far. Car windshields next." - 10 Oct

Rambling Mother @RamblingMother: "@patsajak I'll take one, my 9 year old daughter will think I am the coolest mom EVAH!!" - 10 Oct

Pat Sajak @patsajak: "@RamblingMother She probably already does!"

Like I said, this is like an open e-mail exchange for those who follow the main author. The fact that he took the time to respond in such a nice way just gave me hope that all "celebrities" aren't jerks. By the way, we love Wheel of Fortune and watch it at least 3 nights a week at my parents. Oh and in case you didn't know, I am RamblingMother so follow me too. I will repost things of interest on a political areana and things that are news worthy or encouraging. I rarely post original thoughts because honestly by the time I have one on a topic, the topic has moved steadily on past.

Now on to the nitty gritty. There is not much is going on that can be posted and mostly nothing is going on that is bad or distressing much. The last two weekends G and I have cleaned the house, done laundry (how do two people have so much laundry), played board games, gone grocery shopping, cleaned my closet and shopped for a new shoe rack among other things.

This past Saturday, I was able to get G a new pair of boots which were on sale, yea! The boots basically become her Sunday shoes in the fall and winter because she is a particular child with particular idiosyncrasies when it comes to clothes and shoes. Last Sunday, week, we had a full blown meltdown over her wearing the very same black pants I purchased specifically for her to wear only on Sundays. TEARS, y'all, really honest to goodness HYSTERICAL TEARS on Sunday morning. I pointed out to her that she gets to dress herself 6 out of 7 days but I get Sunday! And really, it is only the pants that are dressy. She wears a green plain Hanes t-shirt with them! I won that time, and there were no tears yesterday, but then again she had new boots to wear!

We also racked up on long sleeve plain colored shirts for fall/winter for her. She tried on all of her shirts from last year and managed to only have 3 still fit (or at least not feel tight on her arms) and two of those are way to hot to wear until January or February when it is coldest.

I found two new pair of shoes for me at Wally's world that at first blush don't look comfortable but actually are. I finally ditched two pair of brown flats that I have worn going on 3 years now. They were looking like I had worn them that long too. Cleaning out my closet is a chore that took the better part of the day Saturday. I will say though that it looks so very good now. I just hope I can keep it that way! Actually, the two very top shelves still need to be cleaned out, but those are out of my way so I can ignore them a bit longer, heh

Two Saturdays ago I was so very tired that I literally slept until noon. No, I had no intention of doing so, but I managed to teach G how to fix bacon and toast for breakfast so she could let me sleep. This Saturday I told her to let me sleep only untl 10:30am. She still fixed her own bacon and had milk to tied her over until I fixed a proper breakfast. I have since G came home fixed her a hot breakfast like grits or eggs or waffles or hashbrowns so unlike me who could at least make cereal for breakfast for myself, G really can't yet. Now while I am awake and with her in the kitchen she probably could; we just haven't practiced it yet.

It is not good for me to sleep like that because my dreams get weirder the longer I do. Of course on Friday night it isn't like I am going to sleep at 9pm or earlier. We end up watching movies in bed, and I have to stay up longer to put the computer up afte the movie goes off. I am not naming names but G someone is usually asleep before the movie is over.

I began teaching G how to play monopoly last night. We started the game at 7pm which is way too late, and, of course, we didn't finish. We left it in play and will pick up on another evening when we have time. Somehow, I ended up with the board games from my childhood. I have my sister's triominos, the family monopoly game, and lots of other games from home. Surprisingly, for belonging to a family of 4 kids all the games are in tact with all the pieces still there. I mean they don't look new but there are no lost pieces. We have started a habit of playing board games on Saturday and Sunday evenings while eating supper and watching movies. Besides being fun, this is really, hopefully, making great memories. And mainly G is very good at board games. She mostly beats me which is absolutely fine by me. She is currently winning at monopoly.

Well, that is a re-cap of the week. A tweet I made or rather a re-tweet I made was included on a Twitchy round up which is also pretty exciting. So that is all the news fit to print on this blog. I have no updated pictures of G. I was able to get 20 Christmas cards for FREE! from two different internet places (10 ea). That is so very nice and if I get now more photo cards I do have G's school pictures to include with some regular cards. That is if I choose to send out Christmas cards this year. I may be scaling that whole thing back. Okay, I won't take so long between next posts.


jennifer said...

When we have family get togethers, we play board games all the time. The girls aren't really in to them (probably because my husband hates them). That's good that you have all of the pieces still. Sounds like it's been nice and quiet in your neck of the woods. I hope things are going well. I love twitter as well @cheepette8. I don't tweet a lot, but I do love to read them.

Vivian M said...

Welcome back to blogland, we missed you! We love old board games, (and yes, Monopoly can go a bit long with only two players).
Glad all is well, post some pictures of the new boots!
As for Twitter, I have no clue...between email, texting, FB and blogging, I think have way too much going on already. But if I ever sign up I will follow you!