Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Accomplished

Though we did not go to the Harvest Moon Festival, we did get the PowerPoint project completed and e-mailed to the teacher. We also finished the monopoly game with G winning by breaking me to the tune of 11,378 monopoly dollars, heh. I was so glad the game is over!! I remember how much I dislike long games like that. G on the other hand loved it and never wanted it to end. I like games that start and end not start and continue and continue and continue and finally after many more continues, ends.

The water cycle poster was completed finally on Sunday afternoon. Since we had worked on it Saturday with lots of glue it needed to dry over night. G finished it while I napped on Sunday. It turned out pretty good. I hope it stayed intact until science. She is supposed to get extra credit for turning it in early. She has to take the other project tomorrow and give a presentation on both reading projects tomorrow or sometime this week.
This is the water cycle posted or rather a blurry picture of it. She did a really good job and she came up with some creative items to add to make it more 3D and colorful. I hope we she gets an A on it.

And Saturday morning we checked out the first book in the Harry Potter series from our community library. We are already up to chapter 5. I believe I can navigate through it with our Christian beliefs, and G's fears. It isn't that much different than the wizardry in Lord of the Rings or with regard to the fantasy stuff in Narnia. This is the first time I have read the series as well since I was technically too old for the books when they first came out. At least I felt that I was too old, and I wasn't sure about the hype with them.

As for the movies, I am not sure we will watch them until much further along in the series. It is one thing to read a book that may have some scary moments written in them letting your own imagination play out the scenes, but it is a whole other thing to see them in a movie when the director is trying to scare the movie goers from his imagination.

I woke up this morning to a leak in the hot water heater. My poor dad, he has so much on him and now this. I now know how to shut the hot water heater off after talking to dad. I suppose it will be fixed this evening. I haven't heard from him yet though. So I will rephrase, I hope it will be fixed for this evening. Otherwise we will have to move to my parents for the night or so which is just a lot of effort.

This is billing week at work so I gather all the bills for benefits to be paid. Wednesday is employee appreciation day when we all go bowling for 3 hours. Fun stuff!!

Can't believe the first 9 weeks of school is over. That is half a semester done. Time is going too fast for me. I am sure it isn't for G. She is already talking about the Elf on the Shelf returning on Thanksgiving. I hope no one spoils Christmas for her this year.

The fall weather is nice. It was even cold to me on Saturday. Sunday I bundled under three blankets to nap. My air hasn't been needed but neither has my heat. We are making due with more clothes and blankets. Hopefully I will have a couple or more months of low power bills. With the water leak that will be higher by a bit, oh well.

Still haven't had time to paint. May have to wait until the spring. I still may have a Christmas get together because who really cares what the walls look like? That will be an easy explanation I think. Then again I may just huddle home and become the hermit. I think I am heading that way anyway the older I get.

Well, here is to another week!


jennifer said...

The project looks great. Sorry about the water heater. I hope your dad was able to fix it. I haven't read any Harry Potter books nor have I seen the movies. They just don't interest me that much. I hope you guys enjoy them.

Vivian M said...

You can always cover the walls with the greeting cards you receive, or hang Miss G's artwork until you paint!
Good luck with the water heater, hope it is an easy and inexpensive fix.
Kerri loves Harry Potter, and I think reading the books makes the movies less scary since you know what is going to happen. Hope Miss G likes it!