Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Experiences and Conquering Fears

G and I had some new experiences today.  The first was a zip line experience.  I was glad to be done with it.  It is harder than it looks.  G enjoyed it but not for the full 2 hours.  We just did a 1 hour ride and then went to lunch.  Then we had time to kill so we saw the live snake show. 

I made the mistake of 1st sitting in the front row and 2nd telling him I was not fond of snakes.  He made sure I was up close and personal with most of them.  We did end up, as you can see, holding the last of the show:  a 14 ft - 5 year old burmese python.  It was very heavy.  G is looking at the face of the snake because it kissed her face.  I heard her say, "Get it off."  I couldn't look though because the snake was so close around my neck and face.

We held baby snakes too.  I will post photos later when we are home and all pictures are downloaded.  I have a video of G coming to me on the zip line.  It isn't a very good video because I couldn't see in the bright light and because at one point I looked up at G and when I looked back at the camera I had almost knocked her out of the frame.  But at least we have it. 

So now off to supper and will post more later.

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Vivian M said...

You are both so brave! No way ever would I be that close to a snake!