Friday, November 29, 2013

Week Wrap Up

My mom and dad were going to have fun visitors for Thanksgiving. G and I got out of town. 7 hour car drive. I borrowed my dad's GPS. Thankfully we did. G set it up for us. She is the electronics navigator. I also had a printout from mapquest which was not the same as the GPS. Twice we followed the GPS and ended up going through 3 downtown areas totally way off from the interstate we needed to be on. Then I figured out that we just needed to ignore the GPS and use our directions so that it would re-calibrate as we passed its exit warnings. We made it though.

We stopped off at a War Memorial that is right off the interstate. There were both civil war and other US wars represented. It was outside of an old family cemetery where many soldiers buried. Since we had not specific time to get to our final destination we made that stop. On the way back there are two places I plan on stopping if we are doing well.

Mom is going to be out of her mind by the end of the weekend. She has a doctor's appt on Dec 5. I am praying for healing, answers or a slow down or stop.

I brought the lap top on the trip with us and forgot the car chargers for the tablets, yea me. G had enough to do, thankfully.  She didn't realize how far the drive was so she didn't take a nap until we had 1 hour to go which might explain the not going to sleep last night.  We at supper at the golden corral.  I guess it was because we were the last two people to show up for dinner but it is not worth the hype.

I did see a White Castle and we will eat supper probably there tonight if I can find it again.  Hopefully, things are all off the interstates.  We are going to try to go to the tree lighting on the square tonight.  We will see.  The hotel folks says it is not difficult to find or not dangerous. 

For Thanksgiving lunch, we had pizza slices that were pretty good for gas station food. We ate as we drove and only stopped 3 times. It is very cold and dry here. Our skin is so dry and itchy. We keep shocking each other. G woke in a mood this morning. Of course she decided Wed that she didn't want to go at all because Candycane, the Elf on the Shelf, was coming. Then she accused me of ruining her entire life and mine too for not being married.

I warned her that if I heard one thing about that elf, I would ruin Christmas for her forever.  Yes, I am that mean.

It took her forever to fall asleep last night and then she was up too early this morning so when we were trying to go to breakfast she really got moody. I have warned as much as I can. We are in wait mode right now because the place we are heading doesn't open until 10. 

We are going on a zip line tomorrow afternoon. Kinda looking forward to it and not at all due to the cold.

The coffee at the hotel is pretty good so I don't have to go buy any. This hotel is so much nicer than the motel where we stayed in Bentonville, AR over labor day.

I foresee a nap in my future.   Last night before bed G and I got in the very warm whirlpool.  May do so again tonight. 

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Vivian M said...

Ugh being 9 is hard! Hang in there mama!
Glad you were able to get away for a little mini vacation!