Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Saturday, I had to take G to exchange two pair of bluejeans at the children's place. I decided to bring my mom along. Saturday morning G and I went to pick her up and found her wearing summer pants with a winter top. The pants are part of an outfit and somehow my mom thought what she had on matched, even told me so. Her memory issue is also an inability to make connections like matching outfits.

I made her change while I put the pants she had on back with the top it matched and back in her closet. I looked around her room and her clothes are everywhere. I asked her if we needed to go back through her closet but she declined my offer. We have already once this year gone through her closet, gotten rid of clothes and re-matched the outfits, but apparently we may need to do this again soon.

The jeans exchange was a brilliant success. G now has two pair of jeans that touch her in absolutely no part of her body! just as she likes them. They are roughly 2 feet too long and 6 inches too wide but hey, if it means no more tears, I am all good. Saturday morning she was so distraught after having to wear a brand new pair of jeans that she said were too tight (which they were not) that she said she couldn't even read a book for being so uncomfortable. I have no sympathy. These too tight jeans she pulls on and off without having to unbutton them. Basically, too tight to her means that she can actually feel them touch her skin.

While at the mall, having completed the exchange, we walked around some and G found a pullover hoodie in a particular brand she loves and convinced me to buy for Christmas. So the jeans were an early Christmas gift, and this is now a known, but she has to wait for, Christmas gift. Poor kid is going to know all of her gifts. No surprises this year. Well, that is as far as she knows, I mean I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

G is really into making the rubberband bracelet thingies. She and a friend, who happens to be going to Ukraine on a missions trip 2014 summer, are busily making bracelets to give to the kids in the Ukraine as a friendship gesture. I am really glad G is doing this. She took 5 of the ones she finished today to school for the girl to take; I hope this child will be able to find them all when the time comes.

Saturday night my dad put more air in my slow leaking tire (had only 5 pounds of air) that I didn't get fixed last time he did this for me. He fussed at me because I didn't listen before. So I determined that on Monday (today) I would take the tire to a specific place near work to have it fixed, except I couldn't because on Sunday that tire was flat. I managed to get to church before I knew the tire was flat and boy howdy did my whole Sunday planning take a dive.

A man in my church changed the tire and recommended that I get not just that tire replaced but the other 3, too. I trust his judgement; so G and I spent too much time at Wally World Sunday afternoon getting 4 new tires. First thing is I think the guy selling them to me lied to me about having the cheaper tires. I think they had some for $55, but he told me they didn't. I should never buy anything for the car without knowing what the helk I am doing. Next problem was that as we looked around the store I just couldn't imagine how they will be ready for Christmas. The store had nothing on the shelves in the right places and very little out on display. Third, the tire part of the store told me they would call when they were done, but they didn't. I think they were finished in an hour but since I didn't get called I didn't know. The car was parked and completed when we worked our way back after 2 1/2 hours to check on it. I didn't necessarily mind the wait if it really took that long but being told, "we can call you when it is ready" and then not being called is frustrating.

Anyway, though my plans were changed beyond my control, I do feel better having new tires to drive on our up coming mini vacay. Granted I am that much the poorer, but I at least had the money to take care of it. And the tire that was flat had a nail in it that may or may not have been fixed had I taken it the first time my dad told me. I probably could have gotten another year or maybe not. I have no idea when I picked up the tack.

Not much else going on this weekend. G has/had by now a writing assessment in class. My mother is learning more about the dreaded common core, and I think my parents are coming around more to G being homeschooled by 6th grade. I want her to be able to be more self directed. I think my dad can help proctor her but G needs to be able to complete projects/lessons on her own.

G's school is having to be "counseled" about sexual bullying, and parents weren't notified before hand. G is only in 4th grade, and this counselor told the kids about a suicide of a bullied boy including the details of how he did it, and then said, "Now you all don't do that."

I realize things are different than when I was her age but I think this counselor may have just given these kids new ways in which to torment each other. I think the parents should have at least had a heads up, particularly those parents in G's group. These parents are the very involved parents who would help explain things. I could be wrong, but I do not like not knowing what is being or about to be told to my child with relation to suicide or bullying or sexual anything!

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. Two more weeks or less really until Thanksgiving!

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Vivian M said...

So glad you have new tires for your upcoming trip! And I wonder if Miss G has a sensory processing issue? Kerri has a problem with texture, we did a lot of therapy, but to my understanding it is very "painful" to their touch, so I can see how better fitting jeans might make her very uncomfortable.
I am so sorry your Mom's illness is progressing, I wish there was a cure. I think it is harder on the family sometimes than the patient. Sending you all love and hugs and prayers.
Thank you Miss G for thinking of others and making all those bracelets! I am sure you are going to make a lot of girls very happy with your gifts.