Monday, December 02, 2013

Home and Tired

We made it home around 8:20pm last night.  Well, we made it to my mom's at that time to celebrate her birthday which was yesterday.  We made it to our actual house around 9:00pm or so.  We made it to bed around 11pm.  We are both exhausted.  We are, however, at work and school today.  The day is dragging too.

We were in KY for our trip in case I didn't mention it.  We went to the Creation Museum near Erlanger*, KY.  I think its address is Petersburg* but we stayed in Erlanger*.  We were for the majority of the trip right outside of Cincinnati, OH.  We even hit the Christmas tree lighting ceremony there on Friday night which, by the way, was very very cold.

The Creation Museum is spectacular and well worth the trip.  Even if you are a firm evolutionist and believe Charles Darwin is right, it is worth seeing with an open mind for a different perspective.  I am not an evolutionist, I am a firm believer in a literal 6 days and am borderline young-earther.  And by borderline I mean I can see how the earth is not millions of billions years old from a literal interpretation of Genesis and the evidence can support it, but I can also see how sin affected everything no matter when Adam and Eve actually fell as far as time goes since God, Himself, is outside of time, and there can be millions of billions in the Bible as well.  But I put no faith whatsoever in the big bang or any Charles Darwin evolutionary ideas, strictly or otherwise.

We ended up stopping at 2 places on the way home.  Abraham Lincoln's national memorial of his birthplace and the town near where he lived for 2 years before moving to IL.  That was stop number 1 on the way home.   It was very nice and informative.  In the town square of Hodgenville*, KY, there is a museum dedicated to him.  It is a wax museum of particular parts of his life. 

 G has on her zip line shirt (bottom).  I am standing at the entrance of the birthplace memorial.

The second stop was to see Bill Monroe's home.  That was a bit freaky but to be honest I couldn't tell you what about it gave me the creeps.  We arrived late in the afternoon and other than the "office" (which was a house) there were no people there.  There were two big dogs which prevented me from going to the office to have a true guided tour.  We took pictures from the front porch which I will not post here because we didn't actually get permission to be there.  We were on video surveillance according to the sign.

The Bill Monroe stop was at Beaver Dam, KY which had several fast food restaurants and happened to be when we both decided we were hungry.  G however decided she did not want fast food but she wanted Italian, Chinese or Mexican like Ameca's.  I was a wee bit skeptical that we were going to find any of those varieties but low and behold on the way back to the parkway we came across the "Happy Family Buffet" Chinese restaurant!  I said, G, "... I can't guarantee that it is good, but at least it is Chinese."  She said, "Well the outside looks shabby but the inside doesn't look too shabby."  And it was good for being 3:30 in the afternoon.

So now to finish this week and next before I can truly rest well.  I will eventually get the video of the zip line experience up but not today.  And the Elf on the Shelf, Candycane, made his grand re-entrance into our holiday.  Today he played with a balloon toy G bought at the museum so balloons had been shot all over the house.  We will see what he will come up with for tomorrow.

*I may have all the spellings wrong and maybe one day I will get the map out and put the correct info on it but for now I am leaving them misspelled and all.

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Vivian M said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Miss G looks so grown up.