Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Visit 2013

Our church hosted the kids with a pizza party and Santa visit.  G asked for something that she is not getting.  Too expensive and she has enough electronics to last a lifetime.  One more is not going to be added at least for this Christmas.  I don't feel badly either.  She will have a great Christmas without it.  I doubt she notices.

And because she knew who this Santa was behind the mask I told her it wouldn't count.  She kept loudly, on purpose mind you, telling me who Santa was so that other little kids would hear her.  She was in quite a mood yesterday. 

Last night was the treat for her and her friend.  We agreed last year when the first Hobbit movie came out that we would go to this one and now we have planned the next one as well.  After the movie I took them both to dinner. I really wish he had followed the book more.  It just didn't do well, and I truly think it would have been better holding to the book.  Of course if you had not read the book then it wouldn't matter, I guess. 

Saturday, G and I shopped for a family on behalf of my Sunday school class.  I finished yesterday.  I think I got two things the wrong sizes but hopefully they are too big rather than too small at least for growing into.  It was a family of 3 kids and my class was generous.  I still added a bit of my money in it for gift bags because I thought I only had to shop but I found out wrapping had to be done as well.  Two class members took two of the kids to wrap, and I ended up with one to wrap and part of one to purchase more for and wrap.  I have to turn it in on Thursday and hopefully the youth group will add toys to the mix because I was able to get 1 full outfit for each child (for two oldest jeans and 2 long sleeve T-s), pjs, house shoes, underclothes, socks a Bible for each (from Dollar Tree), 1 large candy cane each, a dress for the little girl and coats/gloves for all three. 

 I enjoyed shopping for them too.  I turned all the receipts in so the class would have record of the amount spent.  Just to say, the little girl's outfits didn't cost as much as the bigger but they all basically got the same number of items at different prices.  I didn't buy shoes other than house shoes because of price and fit.  Giving a size doesn't really help because you never really know how the shoes fit without trying them on.

We still haven't put up a Christmas tree.  Honestly, we haven't had time.  We are even missing the karate Christmas party tonight.  Maybe this weekend we will get it together to do that.  I would love to see my ornaments again!  G has her school and church program this week and her school party on Thurs.  I sent the cookies already!  Call me ahead of the game, heh.

 I am having some things delivered to work because G is nosy.  Somethings have come to the house and G knew I had something for her.  I don't know how I am going to swing this yet.  I will get it all figured out. 

The elf is still with us and I honestly am ready for him to go!  He is quite a pain if you know what I mean.  Planning things, moving things and writing back to G on the computer is causing me loss of sleep!  I haven't take pictures of him this year like last year.

G pulled her own tooth again.  This time it is one of the bigger teeth on the bottom by her canine tooth.  It even had an inactive cavity in it.  She is on the fence about believing in the tooth fairy.  Thankfully the tooth fairy had some cash.  G finally got her paddle ball she has "always wanted."  She also, out of the blue, told me she wants a snuggie and has always wanted one.  First I heard this was when she spotted one at wally world yesterday.  Other thing, she is always hot and wanting to wear short sleeves so NO SNUGGIE FOR HER!

That was our weekend.  Hope the week goes fast because I need a nap!


Varsha Hatkar said...

Nice. I also have planed for Christmas because its my friends birhtday. I wish you your dream come true. :)

Vivian M said...

Wow you all are busy! I hope you find time to put your beautiful tree up. When you get a chance check your email, Kerri sent Miss G a little something. :)