Friday, December 06, 2013

The Storm and Other Ramblings

The storm is here and the temps are dropping.  Schools all around the area have closed.  Most closed yesterday but our district closed sometime after we went to bed.  Then because I did something to my phone I didn't get the message or the call when it came, so I got up regular time and got breakfast ready.  G got up too and now she is trying to whistle with her hands getting frustrated.  She is already in a mood, yea me!  I fear it is going to be a long day!

Good news on my mom, well, depending on how you look at it.  Mom's depression is now being handled.  She looked and sounded so good last night.  G even said she noticed that Grammie was happy because she asked when we were putting up the Christmas tree.  Tuesday night she was ready to cancel Christmas and so was I. 

Since my dad took her to the nurse practitioner on Wednesday he was able to listen to the instructions on her depression meds, and now they both know that the medicine is not a take as you wish but a must take every day.  Dad had not gone with her when she was initially prescribed this med so he didn't really know what it was or was for and trusted my mom's information.  He also now realizes he can not send my mom in with a doctor by herself again.  

The doctor on Thursday was the psychologist who has recommended a neuro doctor that specializes in dementia illnesses and will set that up so we can start to plan what this is and what it could possibly look like in the near future.  I suspect this will be more of a finalization on diagnosis and a this is what to expect to have to do in the future. 

Also, he told my dad that mom can no longer drive or do a checkbook.  Dad said something else was restricted but he couldn't remember what that was but did know that they had already done or stopped doing that.  I suspect that is some sort of cooking. 

Anyway, she still has the dementia, undiagnosed and now a medicine that will control depression.  Dad has taken over all her meds anyway and I suspect he will be planning a move in the near future from the 2 1/2 acre land they are on to a smaller yard and maybe smaller house.  Ch-ch-ch-changes...

I am not sure if mom was sad about not being able to drive or if it hit her yet that she couldn't or shouldn't.  We are mostly doing the driving for her anyway.  I think dad was heading that way slowly but now it is a professional medical opinion which is easier for my mom to accept.

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Vivian M said...

Your family is in my prayers. Hoping you all can have a wonderful Christmas with your Mom this year.