Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This is a must see! COMMON CORE is TERRIBLE for our kids and our society!  G and I detest it!  This article at Ace of Spades spells it out quite clearly.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Nothing new to report in the way of my mom.  2014 isn't turning out to be a very healthy year for a lot of folks I know.  Between the stomach bug, flu and broken bones, folks seem to be dropping (figuratively) like flies. 

G played basketball this past Saturday as well.  They are 0-3 and the scores are simply embarrassing.  Somehow G ends up on a team with the most players who have never played before or are extremely short.  She got both this time.  Seems the other teams are just so much taller.  Yes they are all that much better than G's team too.  Losing builds character though, right?

G and I had a come to Jesus moment on Saturday but as of today, though things are better, she claims to not remember anything I said.  Convenient, right?  She has been extremely disrespectful lately, accusing me of not caring when she mentions or shows me something.  I apparently don't give her the reaction she is looking for so the accusation.  Even declaring herself a better mom than me and that I am jealous of her (yeah that got no response from me).  Finally, after a long conversation on Saturday I pointed out that her comments are more about control and wanting to be the mom to which she agreed than actually trying to hurt me.  She wants to be my equal.  I told her that her rebellion is not new but can be traced back to Genesis 3. 

Adam and Eve wished to be equal with God knowing good and evil.  I pointed out that her wishing to be in authority over me was not a sin against me but against God, Himself.  We talked about the Prodigal Son, Luke 15 and how even his rebellion was about control; rebellion against his father and ultimately against God.  I even told her about how I have a need to be in control still to this day.  I told her some of the situations that I have failed in because of my need to be in ultimate control.  I pointed out that we can be in control of our choices and decision, but not of the outcomes or consequences of those decisions.

In the end of the discussion, I left her to deal with God on her own.  I gave her a prayer of repentance and explained what that meant and headed off to cook supper.  She still is still wanting to be the parent and in complete authority, but it hasn't been as outright and blatant as it has been since sometime last week.  Everything comes to a head eventually doesn't it?  I can see how having a husband might be particularly beneficial since there might not be a leadership gap that she is trying to claim.  Of course it could be really bad as I haven't a good history of choosing good men for relationships, thus the reason I remain single.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well, We Have a Diagnosis

And it is really no surprise other than if the one doctor had made this referral last year we would be one year ahead.  My mom has been diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer's.  And no I did not cry yet.  I have already cried over her massive depressive episode, and over her inability to make a Christmas treat that she used to make, and I was planning to let the tears flow in the shower except for interruptions from G.

The doctor began her on ariset (spelling?) which my grandmother who had the same thing could not take.  They will monitor her for rise in liver numbers and other issues with regard to the medicine.  Oh and she didn't volunteer the info to me, I had to ask. 

I don't think my dad was surprised.  I am not sure what he is planning either.  They live on 2 1/2 acres of land, and I really wonder if  he may be thinking of  selling it and moving. Now might be the best time to do so while mom has some functioning memory left or it might be a terrible mistake and cause her to go into a life threatening depression.  A person can get really attached to a home particularly one that has been lived in for almost 40 years. 

Of course we don't know how quickly this will progress into an unmanageable phase.  We also don't know what may or may not come about in the area of medicine.  The only thing we do know is that God holds her in the palm of His hands, He has claimed her for His own and will see her through.  I of course am not ready to not have a mama and am not sure that I will ever be. 

Okay, so now the tight throat and tears are threatening to flow!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Update

Upward basketball season is again upon us.  Practice happens to be Thursday evenings around 7ish.  Even though I could technically pick G up and take her, I begged, pleaded with, almost cried tears of pain asked my father, who kindly agreed, to take her to practice.  I explained that he would enjoy that hour much more so than I.  Saturday was the first game.  They were squashed like a bug.  G scored the last points for her team though.  I realized that she plays really well if no one is opposing her.  I guess that is how everyone plays. 

After the game, I refused to let G go on with the "It's not fair" mantra as we walked to the car.  She colluded with another player and told me that they agreed the refs had favorites.  I cut her off and said, "I agree.  They favored YOUR TEAM players who refused to dribble the ball without flipping it on their hands.  Those players should have been called for walking every time and they weren't." 

These kids should know by now how to dribble without walking.  G thinks because there were lots of fouls from the other team (I agree, there were) that the refs did not call, then that means the refs had favorites.  The deal is they called as many as they saw.  Kids were everywhere so it was kinda hard to see.  One girl who was not supposed to be guarding G (according to the Upwards rule) leaned on her so hard it made G move causing a walking call against G.  Should have been a foul against the other team but oh well.

This year is full court ball.  G hates it but won't tell me why.  She also doesn't want to quit playing nor does she want use her left hand, which she says she totes hates.  I told her she was pretty much stuck with her left hand, and she had better get used to using it especially at basketball where both hands are needed to play.  Don't ask; I don't know why she doesn't use her left had while doing things.  I also told her that next year she won't have to play basketball anymore if she didn't want to.  That shut her up for the moment.  I think it is all the signs of growing up that she absolutely detests!  G is a modern day Peter Pan. 

Saturday after the game and going to the grocery store we watched movies that we already had.  We watched Snow White.  G has always been afraid of this movie and of Mulan.  Strange, I know.  But she snarked her way all the way through SW.  I think she couldn't believe she was actually ever afraid of such a ridiculous movie with such ridiculous songs.  I will say listening to her was pretty comical.  She still refuses to watch the other one and it is still in hiding in a cabinet.  She reminded me that the Huns were still very scary. 

We also watched 101 Dalmatians and Madeline's RescueMadeline's Rescue is about orphans being taken into slavery to make lace from human hair.  This gave me a chance to tell G that slavery is still a very real part of our world, even in America.  It wasn't a long conversation just something that everyone should be aware of even if all we can do is pray that God Almighty would intervene.

Sunday was church, lunch and a nap for me, in that order.  G and I have started attending a new Bible study lead by our associate pastor who is also a professor at the local seminary.  This past Sunday was just overview of the Book of Luke.  Next week starts the actually lessons in Luke.  G plays her kindle rather than actually participate.  I will remember to bring paper and pencils for her to draw or write this week as well as her kindle and maybe her loom/bands. 

My mother was supposed to have a doctor's appointment yesterday but I haven't heard anything yet.  I will see mom and dad tonight though.  G and I started karate back after being off over a month.  I am a bit sore.  Thankfully our teacher last night was not the one who requires situps and push ups, heh!

That is all I can think of for this update.  I am waiting on one W-2 to complete my taxes.  I thought I had the last pay check and I probably do have it right where I put it, somewhere safe where I would remember it.  Except that didn't work apparently because I can't find it now.  Anyway, that is our weekend update.  Not much else to report.  I have pictures of the game but wouldn't you know I put the camera up right before G scored.  Maybe she will score again next week and I will snap it.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

More Holiday Pictures

Here are some other pictures I took of our tree and of our New Year celebration.  I call it a celebration but it was really sparkling apple cider shared with G in our newly decorated <:snort:> front room.  And when did G begin to look so grown up?

Happy New Year! 2014

I have pictures of G and me celebrating with our tall flute of sparkling apple cider, but I left them in the camera on top of the piano, and I didn't take any pictures with the phone.  We packed up all of the Christmas tree decorations.  I learned that next year I have to get a new bulb for my Christmas Star topper.  I found my white lights and hung them up in our front room, putting them on a timer. Makes the room more fun!

I have a lot of ornaments that was another lesson I learned.  My favorites are the ones that G made for me even above all the travel ornaments.  We did combine some of the decorations into boxes to put all in one place.  G still doesn't have a clue about live trees asking me if we will have to get a new one next year as if we could pack this one up until then.  Pretty funny if you ask me.

We made no resolutions and stayed up until 12:02am.  We watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I was disappointed it didn't hold to the book very well.  G doesn't remember me reading any of the book.  I finished reading it to her out loud, but apparently she had slept through most of it.  She gave up reading it because of the description of the ship.  We are for all, intents and purposes, landlocked so ships and sailing are not common knowledge to us. I was hoping that the movie would spark her interest.  It didn't.

We both slept in on New Year's Day though.  We played a couple of games of Monopoly Empire which by the way is a much faster game than the old Monopoly.  I used to love that game but I just dislike it now.  That was a gift from me for Christmas.  It would be a lot more fun with more people, but we can play several games in a couple of hours where as the old monopoly seemed to never end.

We ended up having to go to Wally World for some craft supplies and I picked up two new pair of jeans for under $20 each.  I also needed a new calendar for my purse.  I hate to think the first store I spent money in for 2014 was Wally World but there it is.  Best prices without driving for ages on a holiday no less.

G's craft plan is to create and decorate a scrapbook.  We picked up some protective sleeves, a 3 ring binder, card stock paper, and paint.  She has an idea what she wishes to do but mainly I think she is going to copy the craft book almost exactly.  I need to convince her that she can make her own design that the craft book throws out an idea only.  FYI, I dislike crafts because I am an obsessive, perfectionist, control freak.  There I said it.  But if G will do this on her own without asking my input she will probably be okay, and it will be a book she not only loves but actually uses.

So I guess, no more holidays for me until May.  Boo Hoo!  Still love my job though.  I do enjoy holidays much better when I actually get paid holiday pay!