Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

I have pictures of G and me celebrating with our tall flute of sparkling apple cider, but I left them in the camera on top of the piano, and I didn't take any pictures with the phone.  We packed up all of the Christmas tree decorations.  I learned that next year I have to get a new bulb for my Christmas Star topper.  I found my white lights and hung them up in our front room, putting them on a timer. Makes the room more fun!

I have a lot of ornaments that was another lesson I learned.  My favorites are the ones that G made for me even above all the travel ornaments.  We did combine some of the decorations into boxes to put all in one place.  G still doesn't have a clue about live trees asking me if we will have to get a new one next year as if we could pack this one up until then.  Pretty funny if you ask me.

We made no resolutions and stayed up until 12:02am.  We watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I was disappointed it didn't hold to the book very well.  G doesn't remember me reading any of the book.  I finished reading it to her out loud, but apparently she had slept through most of it.  She gave up reading it because of the description of the ship.  We are for all, intents and purposes, landlocked so ships and sailing are not common knowledge to us. I was hoping that the movie would spark her interest.  It didn't.

We both slept in on New Year's Day though.  We played a couple of games of Monopoly Empire which by the way is a much faster game than the old Monopoly.  I used to love that game but I just dislike it now.  That was a gift from me for Christmas.  It would be a lot more fun with more people, but we can play several games in a couple of hours where as the old monopoly seemed to never end.

We ended up having to go to Wally World for some craft supplies and I picked up two new pair of jeans for under $20 each.  I also needed a new calendar for my purse.  I hate to think the first store I spent money in for 2014 was Wally World but there it is.  Best prices without driving for ages on a holiday no less.

G's craft plan is to create and decorate a scrapbook.  We picked up some protective sleeves, a 3 ring binder, card stock paper, and paint.  She has an idea what she wishes to do but mainly I think she is going to copy the craft book almost exactly.  I need to convince her that she can make her own design that the craft book throws out an idea only.  FYI, I dislike crafts because I am an obsessive, perfectionist, control freak.  There I said it.  But if G will do this on her own without asking my input she will probably be okay, and it will be a book she not only loves but actually uses.

So I guess, no more holidays for me until May.  Boo Hoo!  Still love my job though.  I do enjoy holidays much better when I actually get paid holiday pay!

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Vivian M said...

Happy New Year and may 2014 bring many blessings!