Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Update

Upward basketball season is again upon us.  Practice happens to be Thursday evenings around 7ish.  Even though I could technically pick G up and take her, I begged, pleaded with, almost cried tears of pain asked my father, who kindly agreed, to take her to practice.  I explained that he would enjoy that hour much more so than I.  Saturday was the first game.  They were squashed like a bug.  G scored the last points for her team though.  I realized that she plays really well if no one is opposing her.  I guess that is how everyone plays. 

After the game, I refused to let G go on with the "It's not fair" mantra as we walked to the car.  She colluded with another player and told me that they agreed the refs had favorites.  I cut her off and said, "I agree.  They favored YOUR TEAM players who refused to dribble the ball without flipping it on their hands.  Those players should have been called for walking every time and they weren't." 

These kids should know by now how to dribble without walking.  G thinks because there were lots of fouls from the other team (I agree, there were) that the refs did not call, then that means the refs had favorites.  The deal is they called as many as they saw.  Kids were everywhere so it was kinda hard to see.  One girl who was not supposed to be guarding G (according to the Upwards rule) leaned on her so hard it made G move causing a walking call against G.  Should have been a foul against the other team but oh well.

This year is full court ball.  G hates it but won't tell me why.  She also doesn't want to quit playing nor does she want use her left hand, which she says she totes hates.  I told her she was pretty much stuck with her left hand, and she had better get used to using it especially at basketball where both hands are needed to play.  Don't ask; I don't know why she doesn't use her left had while doing things.  I also told her that next year she won't have to play basketball anymore if she didn't want to.  That shut her up for the moment.  I think it is all the signs of growing up that she absolutely detests!  G is a modern day Peter Pan. 

Saturday after the game and going to the grocery store we watched movies that we already had.  We watched Snow White.  G has always been afraid of this movie and of Mulan.  Strange, I know.  But she snarked her way all the way through SW.  I think she couldn't believe she was actually ever afraid of such a ridiculous movie with such ridiculous songs.  I will say listening to her was pretty comical.  She still refuses to watch the other one and it is still in hiding in a cabinet.  She reminded me that the Huns were still very scary. 

We also watched 101 Dalmatians and Madeline's RescueMadeline's Rescue is about orphans being taken into slavery to make lace from human hair.  This gave me a chance to tell G that slavery is still a very real part of our world, even in America.  It wasn't a long conversation just something that everyone should be aware of even if all we can do is pray that God Almighty would intervene.

Sunday was church, lunch and a nap for me, in that order.  G and I have started attending a new Bible study lead by our associate pastor who is also a professor at the local seminary.  This past Sunday was just overview of the Book of Luke.  Next week starts the actually lessons in Luke.  G plays her kindle rather than actually participate.  I will remember to bring paper and pencils for her to draw or write this week as well as her kindle and maybe her loom/bands. 

My mother was supposed to have a doctor's appointment yesterday but I haven't heard anything yet.  I will see mom and dad tonight though.  G and I started karate back after being off over a month.  I am a bit sore.  Thankfully our teacher last night was not the one who requires situps and push ups, heh!

That is all I can think of for this update.  I am waiting on one W-2 to complete my taxes.  I thought I had the last pay check and I probably do have it right where I put it, somewhere safe where I would remember it.  Except that didn't work apparently because I can't find it now.  Anyway, that is our weekend update.  Not much else to report.  I have pictures of the game but wouldn't you know I put the camera up right before G scored.  Maybe she will score again next week and I will snap it.

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