Monday, February 24, 2014

American Heart Association

and G, need your help.  G is participating in a jump for the heart event at her school on Friday.  She needs sponsors.  If you feel inclined to do so please donate link

Oh and you don't have to know G personally to donate.  When you donate the money on line it goes straight to the American Heart Association and doesn't touch any other hands.

"We only have one heart! I want to take care of mine and help you take care of yours too! This year, I have set a personal goal to raise money for the American Heart Association at my school.

"Heart Disease can happen to anyone so it's really important to be physically active and eat healthy. "

"Did you know that heart disease is our nation's number one killer? Help me become a lifesaver!
Will you make a donation to help me reach my goal? It's fast and easy to do on my personal webpage. Just use the link to support me today!

"Your contribution will support the American Heart Association's work to:
- Put up-to-the-minute research into doctors' hands so they can better prevent and treat heart disease among patients.
- Fund groundbreaking pediatric heart and stroke research.
- Train more than 9 million health professionals and others each year in emergency cardiovascular care.

"Please support me in my efforts - together we can save lives! Thank you very much!"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

World's Gone Crazy and Other Ramblings

Wow! I have said it before, this is an historic time to live as we watch all things socialist and communist continue to fail spectacularly (Venezuela), civil war to arise in the middle east (Syria), violence to break out as governments try to return to the way things were (Ukraine).  Just spectacularly historic and necessary to keep up with it all.  Do not get so busy that this is ignored because all of these things have a direct impact on the US with regard to foreign policy and our safety.

In other news, I spent last week at a casino (no I didn't gamble nor drink) for a conference sponsored by my company.  The day times were great.  The night found me in my room reading because apparently there are some heavy drinkers and smokers who work in this company.  I stayed as far away as I could.  I was even asked by a co-worker why I wasn't drinking and sleeping around with strange men and having unwanted babies.  Yes, that was a comment made to me; I hope in jest but nevertheless.  I did get a rather large book read and still managed to stay up way to late reading it.

G spent the week with my parents which basically put us out of our house for another week.  Yes there were tears the evening we were back together, that is a lot of stress to put on my 9  year old.  But Thursday I was able (being close enough) to drive over for the Happy Hearts for Moms or something to that effect which ultimately was donuts and coffee with G.  It was packed with mom's grandmoms and significant women in children's lives.  G was very glad I was able to come.  I was too.  I had gotten a Valentine decorated bag of candy from the conference so I brought it too her.  I also bought her a candy gram for Friday delivery (sold by the school).

Friday was Valentine's which is my least favorite holiday, what with being single, and everything.  However, I did pick up a green bear with a long sucker just for G.  My dad fixed her lunch and wrote her a note of love from him and grammie putting a hersey's kiss or recess cup in it.  I pointed out to her that he never did that sort of stuff for his own kids to which she replied, "Well, he loves me best."

To which I would agree, he loves all of his grandchildren best and has mellowed in his old age.  He did send me a single rose when I made cheerleader in jr high with a sweet note, which I saved in my Bible at the time and still have.

So Saturday was back to normal.  G ate the majority of that sucker which took all day leaving only by my command about 1/2 inch.  I couldn't believe she did it.  Seriously, are those huge suckers even really  made to eat the whole?  Yuck!

I let G go through the bag of junk (some of it not) from the trade show and she chose a lot of stuff for herself.  One thing was a whiskey glass that lights up.  She drinks water in it and has no idea what a whiskey glass is. 

So this week as been totally back to normal except that spring seems to have sprung early thus warnings for tornadoes have been issued.  Yesterday and today high will be in the 60s though a week ago today there was ice in most places around here, and it was cold!

There you have it, our week in a nutshell long blog post.

Monday, February 10, 2014

We Finally Got Snow

This is the part of the yard from our side door next to the carport and looking back to the back shed.

This is G and her snowman. Most of the snow had melted when she was actually able to play in it.  We had gone to the grocery store 1st thing and then the snow mostly melted while we were there.
And her 6 snowballs, the snow is gone now sadly. More is predicted but I doubt it will be anything worth having.
In other news, I was able to buy G a new browning coat for 1/2 off.  It is a really pretty coat too and should last her several years because it is a xs women's. 

The one she has had was a hand-me-down medium child size with the brown and the hot pink on the side,  but it was getting too small. When she would stick her arms straight out her wrist and 1" of arm would show.  That is frustrating particularly to a kid who hates for things to touch, bunch up on, or feel tight. 

So this new coat is a blue with grey on it.  I think it is very pretty and would have picked up one for me had there been one in my size, alas, there was only the one.  She wore it excitedly to school today which is also a change from her recent stance of not wanting a coat on her body at all even in the extreme (to me) cold.  I keep threatening that if she won't wear winter clothes to school the teachers might think I am neglecting her.  She wore a t-shirt and jeans today under her new coat. She would have worn flip flops had I let her.

Other than that, we had a pretty non eventful weekend.  I received a nice bonus from work which allowed me to replace the food in the fridge from the power outage.  I think my dad is going to buy a generator possibly for us to share if needed.  I may buy one too for him to also use and keep for us both.  It is two homes and his house is bigger.  Most of it though will be used for savings.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Power is back

We are back in our home. So thankful to be able to run the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and get a hot shower.

Still Out

Power at my house is still out.  My parent's house though does have power again so G and I stayed there.  I will swing by my house after work to pick up mail and clothes to wash.  It is so dark in the closet that I grabbed the wrong blue jeans for work and according to G the wrong socks to wear with her Adidas tennis shoes.  Apparently in G world you can't wear under armour brand socks with adidas shoes.  Good to know, I will make sure to fix that tonight.

I am still very tired and so is G.  She fell asleep before I finished reading to her last night.  My dad was up early to fix the fire and start breakfast.  This morning he fixed a full breakfast.  It was very good and very welcome.

Last night I had to bring some of my frozen foods out before I lost it all. The stuff in the fridge is pretty much gone.  I know even though I say this now, I will when things go back to normal but I hope to never again take electricity and warm water for granted again.  I attempted to wash a few things at home last night and my fingers were purple after that.  It was actually colder in my house than inside my fridge.  I am praying the pipes don't freeze.  I don't know how to prevent it at this point however. 

There are still roughly 70 people in my immediate neighborhood out of power according to the power company's website about outages.  We had a bit of snow this morning but nothing significant.  If it does snow in the area on top of what we already have, it will be like Atlanta last month and Dallas today.  We are not prepared for nor can we drive comfortably in that weather.

Power company called to say the power is finally restored and the problem was damage to the equipment.  So I am on the way to my parents to get our stuff and we get to sleep in our own beds tonight, yippee.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Not Over Yet

Now both my parent's house and my house are out of power.  Their power went off yesterday morning about 11 and I am not sure if it is on yet or not.  Mine was off sometime yesterday and hasn't come on yet.  The power company called this morning at 8am (auto call) to say it came on at 4am but I had been by there this morning at 7:30am and it was off (still off); I called to update them. 

Last night, G and I called my uncle who happens to live in our town now and who had power.  We stayed at his house last night, and I am so thankful he was okay with it.  I was in desperate need of a shower, and G in need of breakfast. My dad has a wood burning fire place and can cook, boil water and stay warm with it so they were fine. 

I have nothing, not a camper cooker (which my dad said has to be vented anyway so no good), not a gas stove, no fire place or fire pit in the yard.  I will have to rectify this situation for next year, and soon.  The house is set up for a gas stove/oven so I may see if dad will help me get one and switch it out.  If we had that at least I could make a warm bath, still cook and make coffee for breakfast.  Yes, we would be cold, but layers are always nice.  My uncle has offered his house for us again tonight. I told him I would let him know. 

There were lots of power crews in town today from other states.  My dad used to work for the power company, and I remember times he used to have to go out to other places too. When we were kids, power outages were so much more fun.  So they are not fun at all now!  No longer an adventure though to G it is.

I am so very tired because we stayed at my uncle's place.  He had a nice comfy bed but that is not like sleeping in your own.  I woke up several different times and just didn't sleep well.  Though his bed is comfy it is a single, bigger than a twin smaller than a double or maybe it just looked like it was smaller.  We tried to stay out of his way and were in bed our normal time.  He asked me this morning if we always went to bed that early.  I said, "yes, otherwise we have meltdowns."  Our normal school day bedtime is in bed by 9pm and I read to G a chapter from the Bible and a chapter from a book. 

My uncle had G's breakfast dishes put up before I could get back and clean up.  I didn't waste time getting there either, he was just that fast.  My uncle has a little dog that really enjoys being in the spotlight.  He wanted to sleep with us, the dog not the uncle.  G finally made friends with the pup this morning before we left. 

I am praying they will get us back on today and we won't lose power again.  Maybe wishful thinking on my part.  The power company has quit estimating a time for it to be restored.  Next week I will be attending a conference for work.  I sort of wish I hadn't signed up for it now.  Hindsight, you know?  I will be able to come home some particularly on the happy hearts for mom day at G's school. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snow Storm 2014- February 3

Mainly, it hit only the tree tops, very little on the ground.  One problem though was that what ice was on the roads happened to be black ice in unpredictable spots that caused cars to drive into the ditches.  But this picture is at my mother's house, in her front yard.  She had lots of broken limbs around the yard.  

Sunday night, G and I had gone to bed early to read the 4th Harry Potter book.  At 7ish the power went off.  The power company called to say 69 homes were affected and it would be about 11:30pm before it all came back on.  Okay, no problem, we grabbed flashlights, more blankets, more clothes and settled in.  We could hear the eery sound of branches breaking and ice falling while we read.

At 8:30 power company called back to say it would be 11am before power was restored and over 1000 people were affected.  Well, at that point school had not been called so I had to work under the assumption G would be going to school.  I called my dad and let him know were would be there by 9 to spend the night.  If we had to go to school and work and I had no way to fix breakfast or heat water then we needed to be where there was power.  One reason a gas stove/oven is a good thing: electric power outages.  Maybe I need a camping stove, but the tanks would probably always be empty. 

So roughly about 9 pm we showed up already ready for bed and with Monday's outfits ready to go.  At 5:45 am Monday, school called to tell us it was cancelled due to un-passable roads.  You see, the ice brought trees down in the roads as well as powerlines which made my getting to work from my parent's house an impossibility.

Of course, my dad was already up but when school was cancelled G easily and eagerly got out of bed (never in a million years is she ever that eager to get up on a school day).  The call even woke up my mom because I couldn't locate my phone quick enough.   So now everyone is up by 6am.  I have my coffee started and get ready for work. 

Initially I was going to stay home but then dad guilt tripped me so I tried to go.  I had to use my mother's make up because I totally didn't pack any (difficult to pack with flashlights).  And my mother and I do not have the same skin color so it made me look like the tanning addict mom. G agreed with me that it was awful. 

Anyway, I took off to work knowing I would be late but at least there when a red truck met me with lights flashing.  I thought it was fire dept making rounds,but it was just a kind stranger telling me I couldn't get on the interstate from there, would have to go up a couple of miles to get to it.  He also mentioned that between me and that entrance two cars had already gone in the ditch due to black ice. 

I also had an unknown 3rd way to go, unknown in that I didn't know if it would be blocked by the numerous trees in the road or if there would also be black ice too.  I am also not as familiar with those back country roads to try them out in inclement weather.  So I just turned around and told my parents I tried, but it wasn't going to happen.  Thankfully, I have PTO with this job so I was able to stay home yesterday.

I watched G play the Wii all day except for a 2 hour nap I took after lunch.  I also watched my mom get lunch ready at 10:30am and basically expect everyone to eat.  My dad obliged, I held G off (she wasn't hungry), and I ate later as well.  I also kept my mom from making supper at 3:30pm.  It was a bit frustrating.  I also answered my mother's question about school being cancelled for today which she continually repeated a 1000 times.  So yea, that memory thing...

Dad cut up a large limb that came down between the satellite dish and the corner of the house barely scrapping the outside of the wall.  The distance between the dish and the house was roughly 6 ft.  But now they have more firewood now for the fireplace which is a good thing especially since we have 6 more weeks of predicted winter.