Monday, February 24, 2014

American Heart Association

and G, need your help.  G is participating in a jump for the heart event at her school on Friday.  She needs sponsors.  If you feel inclined to do so please donate link

Oh and you don't have to know G personally to donate.  When you donate the money on line it goes straight to the American Heart Association and doesn't touch any other hands.

"We only have one heart! I want to take care of mine and help you take care of yours too! This year, I have set a personal goal to raise money for the American Heart Association at my school.

"Heart Disease can happen to anyone so it's really important to be physically active and eat healthy. "

"Did you know that heart disease is our nation's number one killer? Help me become a lifesaver!
Will you make a donation to help me reach my goal? It's fast and easy to do on my personal webpage. Just use the link to support me today!

"Your contribution will support the American Heart Association's work to:
- Put up-to-the-minute research into doctors' hands so they can better prevent and treat heart disease among patients.
- Fund groundbreaking pediatric heart and stroke research.
- Train more than 9 million health professionals and others each year in emergency cardiovascular care.

"Please support me in my efforts - together we can save lives! Thank you very much!"

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Vivian M said...

Done! Great job Miss G!