Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Not Over Yet

Now both my parent's house and my house are out of power.  Their power went off yesterday morning about 11 and I am not sure if it is on yet or not.  Mine was off sometime yesterday and hasn't come on yet.  The power company called this morning at 8am (auto call) to say it came on at 4am but I had been by there this morning at 7:30am and it was off (still off); I called to update them. 

Last night, G and I called my uncle who happens to live in our town now and who had power.  We stayed at his house last night, and I am so thankful he was okay with it.  I was in desperate need of a shower, and G in need of breakfast. My dad has a wood burning fire place and can cook, boil water and stay warm with it so they were fine. 

I have nothing, not a camper cooker (which my dad said has to be vented anyway so no good), not a gas stove, no fire place or fire pit in the yard.  I will have to rectify this situation for next year, and soon.  The house is set up for a gas stove/oven so I may see if dad will help me get one and switch it out.  If we had that at least I could make a warm bath, still cook and make coffee for breakfast.  Yes, we would be cold, but layers are always nice.  My uncle has offered his house for us again tonight. I told him I would let him know. 

There were lots of power crews in town today from other states.  My dad used to work for the power company, and I remember times he used to have to go out to other places too. When we were kids, power outages were so much more fun.  So they are not fun at all now!  No longer an adventure though to G it is.

I am so very tired because we stayed at my uncle's place.  He had a nice comfy bed but that is not like sleeping in your own.  I woke up several different times and just didn't sleep well.  Though his bed is comfy it is a single, bigger than a twin smaller than a double or maybe it just looked like it was smaller.  We tried to stay out of his way and were in bed our normal time.  He asked me this morning if we always went to bed that early.  I said, "yes, otherwise we have meltdowns."  Our normal school day bedtime is in bed by 9pm and I read to G a chapter from the Bible and a chapter from a book. 

My uncle had G's breakfast dishes put up before I could get back and clean up.  I didn't waste time getting there either, he was just that fast.  My uncle has a little dog that really enjoys being in the spotlight.  He wanted to sleep with us, the dog not the uncle.  G finally made friends with the pup this morning before we left. 

I am praying they will get us back on today and we won't lose power again.  Maybe wishful thinking on my part.  The power company has quit estimating a time for it to be restored.  Next week I will be attending a conference for work.  I sort of wish I hadn't signed up for it now.  Hindsight, you know?  I will be able to come home some particularly on the happy hearts for mom day at G's school. 


jennifer said...

I hope you guys get your power on quickly. That is so miserable being with out it. Sending prayers your way.

Vivian M said...

So glad you had your uncle close by that could help you through this. Hoping the worst is over!