Thursday, February 06, 2014

Still Out

Power at my house is still out.  My parent's house though does have power again so G and I stayed there.  I will swing by my house after work to pick up mail and clothes to wash.  It is so dark in the closet that I grabbed the wrong blue jeans for work and according to G the wrong socks to wear with her Adidas tennis shoes.  Apparently in G world you can't wear under armour brand socks with adidas shoes.  Good to know, I will make sure to fix that tonight.

I am still very tired and so is G.  She fell asleep before I finished reading to her last night.  My dad was up early to fix the fire and start breakfast.  This morning he fixed a full breakfast.  It was very good and very welcome.

Last night I had to bring some of my frozen foods out before I lost it all. The stuff in the fridge is pretty much gone.  I know even though I say this now, I will when things go back to normal but I hope to never again take electricity and warm water for granted again.  I attempted to wash a few things at home last night and my fingers were purple after that.  It was actually colder in my house than inside my fridge.  I am praying the pipes don't freeze.  I don't know how to prevent it at this point however. 

There are still roughly 70 people in my immediate neighborhood out of power according to the power company's website about outages.  We had a bit of snow this morning but nothing significant.  If it does snow in the area on top of what we already have, it will be like Atlanta last month and Dallas today.  We are not prepared for nor can we drive comfortably in that weather.

Power company called to say the power is finally restored and the problem was damage to the equipment.  So I am on the way to my parents to get our stuff and we get to sleep in our own beds tonight, yippee.

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Vivian M said...

Tell Miss G that in Kerri's school, it is all the rage to wear mis-matched socks. Glad you are getting power back!