Monday, February 10, 2014

We Finally Got Snow

This is the part of the yard from our side door next to the carport and looking back to the back shed.

This is G and her snowman. Most of the snow had melted when she was actually able to play in it.  We had gone to the grocery store 1st thing and then the snow mostly melted while we were there.
And her 6 snowballs, the snow is gone now sadly. More is predicted but I doubt it will be anything worth having.
In other news, I was able to buy G a new browning coat for 1/2 off.  It is a really pretty coat too and should last her several years because it is a xs women's. 

The one she has had was a hand-me-down medium child size with the brown and the hot pink on the side,  but it was getting too small. When she would stick her arms straight out her wrist and 1" of arm would show.  That is frustrating particularly to a kid who hates for things to touch, bunch up on, or feel tight. 

So this new coat is a blue with grey on it.  I think it is very pretty and would have picked up one for me had there been one in my size, alas, there was only the one.  She wore it excitedly to school today which is also a change from her recent stance of not wanting a coat on her body at all even in the extreme (to me) cold.  I keep threatening that if she won't wear winter clothes to school the teachers might think I am neglecting her.  She wore a t-shirt and jeans today under her new coat. She would have worn flip flops had I let her.

Other than that, we had a pretty non eventful weekend.  I received a nice bonus from work which allowed me to replace the food in the fridge from the power outage.  I think my dad is going to buy a generator possibly for us to share if needed.  I may buy one too for him to also use and keep for us both.  It is two homes and his house is bigger.  Most of it though will be used for savings.

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Vivian M said...

Love the snowman and the snowballs! And Yay for a bonus! By the way, Kerri is impervious to cold too, I wonder if that is part of her sensory thing. Glad Miss G likes her new coat!