Wednesday, February 19, 2014

World's Gone Crazy and Other Ramblings

Wow! I have said it before, this is an historic time to live as we watch all things socialist and communist continue to fail spectacularly (Venezuela), civil war to arise in the middle east (Syria), violence to break out as governments try to return to the way things were (Ukraine).  Just spectacularly historic and necessary to keep up with it all.  Do not get so busy that this is ignored because all of these things have a direct impact on the US with regard to foreign policy and our safety.

In other news, I spent last week at a casino (no I didn't gamble nor drink) for a conference sponsored by my company.  The day times were great.  The night found me in my room reading because apparently there are some heavy drinkers and smokers who work in this company.  I stayed as far away as I could.  I was even asked by a co-worker why I wasn't drinking and sleeping around with strange men and having unwanted babies.  Yes, that was a comment made to me; I hope in jest but nevertheless.  I did get a rather large book read and still managed to stay up way to late reading it.

G spent the week with my parents which basically put us out of our house for another week.  Yes there were tears the evening we were back together, that is a lot of stress to put on my 9  year old.  But Thursday I was able (being close enough) to drive over for the Happy Hearts for Moms or something to that effect which ultimately was donuts and coffee with G.  It was packed with mom's grandmoms and significant women in children's lives.  G was very glad I was able to come.  I was too.  I had gotten a Valentine decorated bag of candy from the conference so I brought it too her.  I also bought her a candy gram for Friday delivery (sold by the school).

Friday was Valentine's which is my least favorite holiday, what with being single, and everything.  However, I did pick up a green bear with a long sucker just for G.  My dad fixed her lunch and wrote her a note of love from him and grammie putting a hersey's kiss or recess cup in it.  I pointed out to her that he never did that sort of stuff for his own kids to which she replied, "Well, he loves me best."

To which I would agree, he loves all of his grandchildren best and has mellowed in his old age.  He did send me a single rose when I made cheerleader in jr high with a sweet note, which I saved in my Bible at the time and still have.

So Saturday was back to normal.  G ate the majority of that sucker which took all day leaving only by my command about 1/2 inch.  I couldn't believe she did it.  Seriously, are those huge suckers even really  made to eat the whole?  Yuck!

I let G go through the bag of junk (some of it not) from the trade show and she chose a lot of stuff for herself.  One thing was a whiskey glass that lights up.  She drinks water in it and has no idea what a whiskey glass is. 

So this week as been totally back to normal except that spring seems to have sprung early thus warnings for tornadoes have been issued.  Yesterday and today high will be in the 60s though a week ago today there was ice in most places around here, and it was cold!

There you have it, our week in a nutshell long blog post.

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Vivian M said...

I love the glass too! Happy belated Valentines Day! <3