Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Discovered This Product and TMI Warning

Full disclosure, I am not being paid by anyone nor am I being asked to write this for anyone but if one of the named companies would like to contact me about a deal, they can ;}.  (Cuz, I don't think too highly of myself, no way no how)

Biore?  Anyone heard of it?  I am sure you have; because, I am behind the curve in most things.  I receive an e-mail from Real Simple about simple solutions to everyday problems.  I don't subscribe to the magazine; though, I have too much other to read.  Anyway, the other day, an e-mail came out with a number of "beauty" secrets that really work.  One of them was this product.  It is like a disgustingly, wonderful, fascinating product. 

The strips work.  I got them for G mostly but wanted to try one last night to see if it was a big waste or not; NOPE, not a waste.  Worked.  Can't wait to get G home and try it on her nose where she has tiny tiny pores and one spot is clogged and has been now for a year, won't come out.  Hopefully this will work.  Thank goodness her skin is not at all like mine.  I don't foresee a lot of acne issues in her future but there will be some with her tiny pores.  My pores are like gigantic craters just waiting for dirt to compact which it does regularly and painfully even at 43.

Another product, I will not name (mainly because I don't have it with me and forgot the name) was an acne non oil lotion I found on clearance.  Even then it wasn't cheap, but I tried it and can feel and see my skin breaking out as I sit here.  Not paranoia, for real spots.  Will not use again.  Learned my lesson, trust the names until you hear otherwise.

Sad day around work, an employee was just laid off.  This guy was hired as an accountant for specific properties our company managed but then they were sold so they let this guy go.  I cannot lie, I am freaking out.  My review is past due and the HR director is out on vacay. My boss is here but so far hasn't mentioned my review again.  I keep thinking when he (big boss) comes back Monday I won't be here.  I have tried to feel the appropriate folks out for information but either they keep secrets really well or I am fine.

This guy and I, shortly after I started work here, about our not being secure because we both came out of a long time of difficult employment.  So I feel really badly for him.  Folks here who had contacts did pass his name on and tried to help him get another position.  This is still a very tough market though.  And when I was interviewed I was warned that this position might not last.  I took it to get out of the doctor's office and because I secretly hoped it would be long term employment.  And I am very good at counting chickens and taking on tomorrow's worries.  I should win a participation trophy!

So looking forward to the weekend.  Needing a long sleep in Saturday morning.  I think I may start a spring cleaning.  **thinking**thinking** or maybe not. 

oh and as an after thought, G, I think, burned up her kindle fire by leaving it plugged in for 2 days while she played on it as well.  The charger is a power charger and shouldn't be left in longer than 3 hours.  Sad thing is that I told her not to leave it plugged in when I left her with my parents and she said, "ok."

Apparently that "ok" was the "ok" of I-hear-a-general-buzzing-sound-in-my-ears-that-will-end-when-I-answer-with-the-correct-code-word.  Now the fire won't turn back on.  Shame really as she had some incredible minecraft creations built in it and all the apps to accompany them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Favorite Things

This post will have few pictures because I am lazy.  A fellow blogger suggested I write a post about our favorite things. Spring flowers top my list of favorite things.  Currently my yard is blooming with these, though this set is from my mom's yard.  I also have purple hyacinths and weeds all matching.  Weeds are not my favorite.
Three weeks ago this was our situation.  If you don't like the current weather just stick around our area, we are known to have drastic changes this time of year.  Spring sprung and last night the temp dropped to 29.  Today the low is in the 40s.  I do love snow just not being stuck in it.
I love awards and healthy competative spirit.  I dislike defeatism that I see in myself at times.  G did it.  She thought she gave up and had a B for the 3rd nine weeks but not only did she pull out the As (even As as defined in my day), she was one of the 2 top readers. 
G loves having things bought for her, heh.  Actually, I purchased a great swimsuit from Amazon and thought I got the right size.  Apparently, the size runs small, yea, me!  So when G wore that suit to swim on Monday it tried to rip the skin off her legs.  My mother told me in no uncertain terms that that suit would not due triggering a quick shopping spree to the detested store, but we SCOORRREEEDDDD! with Danskin shorts as suits.  Hey, they were on the swimsuit rack.  And, G loves to swim, so it was worth it.

What we did end up missing was our favorite show Wheel of Fortune.  Because, we are both word geeks.  My dad is the best at it (completes correctly the crossword puzzle in pen).  Of course we all agree that actually competing on the show would be far more daunting.  We have though in the comfort of our own home won hundreds of thousands of dollars in our minds, LOL!
Projects! Who doesn't love a good project?  G had a great time working on this Abraham Lincoln project for school.  This was a class presidents project to be started and completed at school.  All the students were asked to find a quote to add to their posters.  This was the quote G found and added.  I love the quote because, honestly, this couldn't be more accurate particularly in this day and age!
Basketball, G loves basketball even the over the door nerf type basketball thing-y. This is a very poor camera picture of G running out on the last day of Upward basketball.  She made that spectacular video I uploaded earlier.
Reading and word games on the kindle.  We both love to play word games, scrabble, Wordsmith, whatever, but only against each other or the AI.  I don't allow her to play games with people on line like words with friends or are you smarter than a 5th grader.  She does play sum dog which was recommended through the school and she can play with her known classmates.  

G's most favorite game though is Minecraft.  For those who don't know about this, I can't help you because I honestly don't understand it either other than you build stuff.  G has built homes, courts, pools, farms, gardens in a myriad of worlds.  In the survival part she has battled zombies, spiders, and some other creatures of which I can't remember the names.

I am sure I will think of other things but for now, that had more pics than I thought.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not Much Happening

At least in my immediate world.  So much is going on in the wider world. Still praying for the Malaysian airliner and the Ukraine/Crimea crisis.  **snark on**So glad we don't have a cowboy in the WH.  Instead we have the wonderful "Smart Diplomacy" and "respect" now.**snark off**

Oh and I am quite ticked that the occupants of the WH are on yet another vacation.  In the last 5 years I have not been able to afford a proper vacation with G and here they are smashing the taxpayers with exorbitant vacations all over the world.  Can't wait until 1/29/2017!  Freedom, let Freedom reign!

Anyhoo, G has a birthday party to attend this weekend, parents have an anniversary party this weekend and I just am looking forward to a nap.

So that is the extent of our week and weekend plans.  I would really like to have a morning to sleep in but it is just not looking like I will be getting it.  I doubt I get the nap either.  G has spring break next week.  Still working out which nights she will spend and which nights she will come home that will be the least disruptive to my parents.

I have G's  birthday planned but checking with the girls to make sure they will be available.  Plan is to take G and two friends to the caverns in my state which will require one night away.  I have to get things booked so I need to get the parents to say yes about the date.  If the date works I can book the tickets and hotel room.  I would like to get linking rooms or a suite to pile them in the floor and me the room, heh.  Looking like the weekend I picked won't be good so may have to do something else. 

Getting back home from work has become difficult due to the two main interstate systems into my state are down to one lane.  Adds roughly 45 mins to my going home drive.  That is okay I suppose if it is for a short period of time.  I am able to enjoy KLove radio so sometimes it isn't so bad. 

Report cards are coming out this week and G believes she made a B.  She said she just gave up at the end of the nine weeks.  I am hopeful she pulled all As because she has been able to do that so far in her schooling and I know she is capable of it.  What brought her down were the propaganda quizes of scholastic news and yes they are propaganda of which I do not agree.  She said she was confused by some of the questions asked. 

I really wish the teachers wouldn't use those "helps."  They are very much an indoctrination with regard to global warming and all of the left's pet topics.  And, no, I don't believe they should stop using them just because G didn't do well on some of the tests because she absolutely aces the majority of them.  I just think, like common core, they are totally into indoctrinating our kids via the public school.  Soap box: off; tin foil hat removed, heh

May miss choir tonight due to traffic but hope to still get home before G and my dad get there for drop off. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We're Just in it for the Candy

Said by G and her best friend, aka "bestie".  The background is 9-10 year old drama.  A girl and boy in G's class have been "dating" as much as a 9 and 10 year old can do.  All through the Christmas etc, G watched this boy give the girl stuff like candy grams, stuff from bookstore and Christmas gifts.  So the other day G and this boy were paired in a class project when he told G that his girlfriend didn't like him anymore and that he now like G. 

So I asked G if she told him she was too young to have a boyfriend; she just giggled and said, "no."  She said she didn't tell him she liked him back either.  What she told me was, "I hope he buys me stuff." 

To which I replied, "The purpose of dating (of course not at this age) is to find a suitable mate for marriage.  Not so 'he will buy me stuff.'"

Yesterday, G explained to me how she was coaching her bestie on how to lure a boyfriend so he will buy her stuff too then G said the infamous words, "We're just in it for the candy."  Yes, really.

I am too old for this, and she is much too young!!  Yes, I know crushes are just that, crushes and it (hopefully) is very innocent.  Somehow though the whole liking G info got to the ex-girlfriend who told G not to "date" him as he isn't a very good boyfriend.  My 1st question is how many boyfriends has this girl had to measure him by and 2nd was it a friendly warning or a jealous one?  I think G had told her bestie that she really didn't like him anyway. 

This will pass probably as soon as spring break approaches.  Interesting how some children are mature enough to understand liking a person for a boy/girlfriend thing and some are just no.  G and her bestie fall into the latter as do a majority of the boys in her class and for that I am very grateful.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Basketball Game

G and her team did not lose by much, only 2 points.  They played really well, kept a good attitude throughout, really grew as a team, and improved overall so very much.  G was so excited that they lost only by 2, she said, "If we had had more time we could have tied."  Anyway, a grandad of a player took this video and sent it to me.  This is G shooting and scoring.  She rebounded her own shots.  At one point in the game she was the only girl playing on the court.  The other girls were all off for that period.  G didn't even shove or push or anything.  Hopefully it will play well.

After that we went home to watch Harry Potter videos and do laundry.  The snow finally melted at our house.  I think there was still snow on the ground at my parents though Saturday. 

I finally found an asparagus recipe that G likes, it has butter, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar.  It is really good and really easy to make.  So glad she likes it.  Though it is very expensive, we are on an asparagus kick.  Food phases are what I do.  I get into a mood for a specific food and for a long while buy/eat that particular food.  Then I get tired of it and move to something else. 

Anyway, work is still good.  One year review is coming up, I am not anticipating anything, that way I won't be disappointed. 

So much happening in the world: Venezuela, Ukraine, Russian aggression, Malaysian plane missing... so very sad and so much to pray for!!  One thing to remember God is on His throne and in complete control.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Winter That Would NEVER END

Where to begin?  By the way, G has been out of school (cancelled) since Monday; she is with my parents.  The district even called it the day before, no early morning phone calls.  Sunday the weather turned on us.  Within an hour everything was white.  G and I had attended a Bible study and though it was a bit sleety (is that a word?) it was fine for driving carefully, plus we live within a block of home.  But within the hour, the cars, parking lot homes and trees were totally white with sleet and snow.  By the time we were heading to bed intent on watching a movie, because school was cancelled, the power went out.

Since the roads were so bad and getting worse, I decided to tough out the night layered in blankets, 6 to be exact.  G complained that she couldn't move under the weight, I told her, "too bad," because I am compassionate like that, heh.  We made the decision to move to my parents to stay for as long as the power was out Monday morning around 10am when both G and I could no longer take the cold. 

We arrived at my parents roughly 1 hour after we began.  That trip is normally 15 mins.  I was so glad to be there because I desperately needed a hot shower which I happily got.  Plus it was warm and they had hot food!!  My dear aunt had come in the Sat before from 82 degree FL to spend winter?!?! the month with my mom. 

Monday and Tuesday Dad was able to take G sledding with a warning to jump off if you get too close to the water.  Tuesday she got within a foot of the water and that was all the sledding she wanted to do, heh.  She now has had her fun in the snow, spring may now commence.  

 My parents power went off around 4:14pm Monday.  At 9pm the power company auto called me to say my power was returned at 7pm but we really couldn't move.  G and I added lots of blankets and toughed out the night again.  My dad cooked on the camper stove even able to make coffee for Tuesday morning.  The power returned around 2pm but G and I were still stuck.  Wednesday morning my dad attempted to get to town but gave up due to the bad roads.

By the way, what we had was roughly 3 inches of ice layered with about a 1/2" to 1" of snow.  Barely could we make a dent in it.  Oh my office was closed on Monday but I just returned to work today.  If you saw the national news about I55 and I40 in AR, yeah, we are right there.  Since the power was out on Tuesday, we had no clue of the people stuck on the interstate near us.  I am almost out of PTO time too now.  At least I have it to take and for that I am grateful.  Also, my boss had seen the news about the ice in AR so she was sympathetic to me, not put out at all about my inability to drive.

Apparently, whatever preventative AR added to the roads doesn't work when the temps get as low as they did.  In the south we don't spend a lot of money on cold weather equipment since seriously this happened the last time this badly (that I can remember) in 1994 or maybe in the late 90s.  So 1 good storm like this every other decade doesn't justify the equipment so when something hits it takes everybody down with it.  I will say we get hit more often than, say, Atlanta, but still not enough to get good and used to it. 

Now that it is all melting, it isn't quite as pretty!