Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Discovered This Product and TMI Warning

Full disclosure, I am not being paid by anyone nor am I being asked to write this for anyone but if one of the named companies would like to contact me about a deal, they can ;}.  (Cuz, I don't think too highly of myself, no way no how)

Biore?  Anyone heard of it?  I am sure you have; because, I am behind the curve in most things.  I receive an e-mail from Real Simple about simple solutions to everyday problems.  I don't subscribe to the magazine; though, I have too much other to read.  Anyway, the other day, an e-mail came out with a number of "beauty" secrets that really work.  One of them was this product.  It is like a disgustingly, wonderful, fascinating product. 

The strips work.  I got them for G mostly but wanted to try one last night to see if it was a big waste or not; NOPE, not a waste.  Worked.  Can't wait to get G home and try it on her nose where she has tiny tiny pores and one spot is clogged and has been now for a year, won't come out.  Hopefully this will work.  Thank goodness her skin is not at all like mine.  I don't foresee a lot of acne issues in her future but there will be some with her tiny pores.  My pores are like gigantic craters just waiting for dirt to compact which it does regularly and painfully even at 43.

Another product, I will not name (mainly because I don't have it with me and forgot the name) was an acne non oil lotion I found on clearance.  Even then it wasn't cheap, but I tried it and can feel and see my skin breaking out as I sit here.  Not paranoia, for real spots.  Will not use again.  Learned my lesson, trust the names until you hear otherwise.

Sad day around work, an employee was just laid off.  This guy was hired as an accountant for specific properties our company managed but then they were sold so they let this guy go.  I cannot lie, I am freaking out.  My review is past due and the HR director is out on vacay. My boss is here but so far hasn't mentioned my review again.  I keep thinking when he (big boss) comes back Monday I won't be here.  I have tried to feel the appropriate folks out for information but either they keep secrets really well or I am fine.

This guy and I, shortly after I started work here, about our not being secure because we both came out of a long time of difficult employment.  So I feel really badly for him.  Folks here who had contacts did pass his name on and tried to help him get another position.  This is still a very tough market though.  And when I was interviewed I was warned that this position might not last.  I took it to get out of the doctor's office and because I secretly hoped it would be long term employment.  And I am very good at counting chickens and taking on tomorrow's worries.  I should win a participation trophy!

So looking forward to the weekend.  Needing a long sleep in Saturday morning.  I think I may start a spring cleaning.  **thinking**thinking** or maybe not. 

oh and as an after thought, G, I think, burned up her kindle fire by leaving it plugged in for 2 days while she played on it as well.  The charger is a power charger and shouldn't be left in longer than 3 hours.  Sad thing is that I told her not to leave it plugged in when I left her with my parents and she said, "ok."

Apparently that "ok" was the "ok" of I-hear-a-general-buzzing-sound-in-my-ears-that-will-end-when-I-answer-with-the-correct-code-word.  Now the fire won't turn back on.  Shame really as she had some incredible minecraft creations built in it and all the apps to accompany them.

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Vivian M said...

Praying you don't lose your job!