Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Basketball Game

G and her team did not lose by much, only 2 points.  They played really well, kept a good attitude throughout, really grew as a team, and improved overall so very much.  G was so excited that they lost only by 2, she said, "If we had had more time we could have tied."  Anyway, a grandad of a player took this video and sent it to me.  This is G shooting and scoring.  She rebounded her own shots.  At one point in the game she was the only girl playing on the court.  The other girls were all off for that period.  G didn't even shove or push or anything.  Hopefully it will play well.

After that we went home to watch Harry Potter videos and do laundry.  The snow finally melted at our house.  I think there was still snow on the ground at my parents though Saturday. 

I finally found an asparagus recipe that G likes, it has butter, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar.  It is really good and really easy to make.  So glad she likes it.  Though it is very expensive, we are on an asparagus kick.  Food phases are what I do.  I get into a mood for a specific food and for a long while buy/eat that particular food.  Then I get tired of it and move to something else. 

Anyway, work is still good.  One year review is coming up, I am not anticipating anything, that way I won't be disappointed. 

So much happening in the world: Venezuela, Ukraine, Russian aggression, Malaysian plane missing... so very sad and so much to pray for!!  One thing to remember God is on His throne and in complete control.

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jennifer said...

Love it! Good luck with the review :).