Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not Much Happening

At least in my immediate world.  So much is going on in the wider world. Still praying for the Malaysian airliner and the Ukraine/Crimea crisis.  **snark on**So glad we don't have a cowboy in the WH.  Instead we have the wonderful "Smart Diplomacy" and "respect" now.**snark off**

Oh and I am quite ticked that the occupants of the WH are on yet another vacation.  In the last 5 years I have not been able to afford a proper vacation with G and here they are smashing the taxpayers with exorbitant vacations all over the world.  Can't wait until 1/29/2017!  Freedom, let Freedom reign!

Anyhoo, G has a birthday party to attend this weekend, parents have an anniversary party this weekend and I just am looking forward to a nap.

So that is the extent of our week and weekend plans.  I would really like to have a morning to sleep in but it is just not looking like I will be getting it.  I doubt I get the nap either.  G has spring break next week.  Still working out which nights she will spend and which nights she will come home that will be the least disruptive to my parents.

I have G's  birthday planned but checking with the girls to make sure they will be available.  Plan is to take G and two friends to the caverns in my state which will require one night away.  I have to get things booked so I need to get the parents to say yes about the date.  If the date works I can book the tickets and hotel room.  I would like to get linking rooms or a suite to pile them in the floor and me the room, heh.  Looking like the weekend I picked won't be good so may have to do something else. 

Getting back home from work has become difficult due to the two main interstate systems into my state are down to one lane.  Adds roughly 45 mins to my going home drive.  That is okay I suppose if it is for a short period of time.  I am able to enjoy KLove radio so sometimes it isn't so bad. 

Report cards are coming out this week and G believes she made a B.  She said she just gave up at the end of the nine weeks.  I am hopeful she pulled all As because she has been able to do that so far in her schooling and I know she is capable of it.  What brought her down were the propaganda quizes of scholastic news and yes they are propaganda of which I do not agree.  She said she was confused by some of the questions asked. 

I really wish the teachers wouldn't use those "helps."  They are very much an indoctrination with regard to global warming and all of the left's pet topics.  And, no, I don't believe they should stop using them just because G didn't do well on some of the tests because she absolutely aces the majority of them.  I just think, like common core, they are totally into indoctrinating our kids via the public school.  Soap box: off; tin foil hat removed, heh

May miss choir tonight due to traffic but hope to still get home before G and my dad get there for drop off. 

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Vivian M said...

One lane? That's a horrible commute! Hope Miss G got good grades! We just finished Spring Break, but no Spring here, it's still snowing. Hope the birthday plans work out! :)