Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Favorite Things

This post will have few pictures because I am lazy.  A fellow blogger suggested I write a post about our favorite things. Spring flowers top my list of favorite things.  Currently my yard is blooming with these, though this set is from my mom's yard.  I also have purple hyacinths and weeds all matching.  Weeds are not my favorite.
Three weeks ago this was our situation.  If you don't like the current weather just stick around our area, we are known to have drastic changes this time of year.  Spring sprung and last night the temp dropped to 29.  Today the low is in the 40s.  I do love snow just not being stuck in it.
I love awards and healthy competative spirit.  I dislike defeatism that I see in myself at times.  G did it.  She thought she gave up and had a B for the 3rd nine weeks but not only did she pull out the As (even As as defined in my day), she was one of the 2 top readers. 
G loves having things bought for her, heh.  Actually, I purchased a great swimsuit from Amazon and thought I got the right size.  Apparently, the size runs small, yea, me!  So when G wore that suit to swim on Monday it tried to rip the skin off her legs.  My mother told me in no uncertain terms that that suit would not due triggering a quick shopping spree to the detested store, but we SCOORRREEEDDDD! with Danskin shorts as suits.  Hey, they were on the swimsuit rack.  And, G loves to swim, so it was worth it.

What we did end up missing was our favorite show Wheel of Fortune.  Because, we are both word geeks.  My dad is the best at it (completes correctly the crossword puzzle in pen).  Of course we all agree that actually competing on the show would be far more daunting.  We have though in the comfort of our own home won hundreds of thousands of dollars in our minds, LOL!
Projects! Who doesn't love a good project?  G had a great time working on this Abraham Lincoln project for school.  This was a class presidents project to be started and completed at school.  All the students were asked to find a quote to add to their posters.  This was the quote G found and added.  I love the quote because, honestly, this couldn't be more accurate particularly in this day and age!
Basketball, G loves basketball even the over the door nerf type basketball thing-y. This is a very poor camera picture of G running out on the last day of Upward basketball.  She made that spectacular video I uploaded earlier.
Reading and word games on the kindle.  We both love to play word games, scrabble, Wordsmith, whatever, but only against each other or the AI.  I don't allow her to play games with people on line like words with friends or are you smarter than a 5th grader.  She does play sum dog which was recommended through the school and she can play with her known classmates.  

G's most favorite game though is Minecraft.  For those who don't know about this, I can't help you because I honestly don't understand it either other than you build stuff.  G has built homes, courts, pools, farms, gardens in a myriad of worlds.  In the survival part she has battled zombies, spiders, and some other creatures of which I can't remember the names.

I am sure I will think of other things but for now, that had more pics than I thought.  


jennifer said...

Way to go G! All A's and top reader is awesome.

Vivian M said...

Love this post! Way to go Miss G on your A's! (Try out Words with Friends, it's kinda like Scrabble!)