Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Winter That Would NEVER END

Where to begin?  By the way, G has been out of school (cancelled) since Monday; she is with my parents.  The district even called it the day before, no early morning phone calls.  Sunday the weather turned on us.  Within an hour everything was white.  G and I had attended a Bible study and though it was a bit sleety (is that a word?) it was fine for driving carefully, plus we live within a block of home.  But within the hour, the cars, parking lot homes and trees were totally white with sleet and snow.  By the time we were heading to bed intent on watching a movie, because school was cancelled, the power went out.

Since the roads were so bad and getting worse, I decided to tough out the night layered in blankets, 6 to be exact.  G complained that she couldn't move under the weight, I told her, "too bad," because I am compassionate like that, heh.  We made the decision to move to my parents to stay for as long as the power was out Monday morning around 10am when both G and I could no longer take the cold. 

We arrived at my parents roughly 1 hour after we began.  That trip is normally 15 mins.  I was so glad to be there because I desperately needed a hot shower which I happily got.  Plus it was warm and they had hot food!!  My dear aunt had come in the Sat before from 82 degree FL to spend winter?!?! the month with my mom. 

Monday and Tuesday Dad was able to take G sledding with a warning to jump off if you get too close to the water.  Tuesday she got within a foot of the water and that was all the sledding she wanted to do, heh.  She now has had her fun in the snow, spring may now commence.  

 My parents power went off around 4:14pm Monday.  At 9pm the power company auto called me to say my power was returned at 7pm but we really couldn't move.  G and I added lots of blankets and toughed out the night again.  My dad cooked on the camper stove even able to make coffee for Tuesday morning.  The power returned around 2pm but G and I were still stuck.  Wednesday morning my dad attempted to get to town but gave up due to the bad roads.

By the way, what we had was roughly 3 inches of ice layered with about a 1/2" to 1" of snow.  Barely could we make a dent in it.  Oh my office was closed on Monday but I just returned to work today.  If you saw the national news about I55 and I40 in AR, yeah, we are right there.  Since the power was out on Tuesday, we had no clue of the people stuck on the interstate near us.  I am almost out of PTO time too now.  At least I have it to take and for that I am grateful.  Also, my boss had seen the news about the ice in AR so she was sympathetic to me, not put out at all about my inability to drive.

Apparently, whatever preventative AR added to the roads doesn't work when the temps get as low as they did.  In the south we don't spend a lot of money on cold weather equipment since seriously this happened the last time this badly (that I can remember) in 1994 or maybe in the late 90s.  So 1 good storm like this every other decade doesn't justify the equipment so when something hits it takes everybody down with it.  I will say we get hit more often than, say, Atlanta, but still not enough to get good and used to it. 

Now that it is all melting, it isn't quite as pretty!

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Vivian M said...

Wow you all are having a long winter! Glad you are safe and sound and not stuck on the roads!
Hoping signs of Spring show up soon in your area!