Monday, April 07, 2014

Another Successful Saturday

After getting the oil changed and going to the grocery store G and I headed to the big city for Easter Shopping.  I have shorts coming via mail for the summer and Sunday this summer.  We found two t-shirts to wear for Sunday.  We scored a pair of Nike flip-flops, sized 7 women's, for G, and she loves them.  We found shorts for her to wear to sleep in as well.  I managed to snag two new summer pjs (desperately needed).  And we basically spent too much money on necessary things in roughly 6 hours.  Yea! Me!

This past weekend was the last chance to shop for Easter before Easter.  Just know, I detest shopping.  It just isn't much fun with limited amounts of money.  I did find some new summer casual wear shoes for me as well.  They felt comfy at the store, now it just needs to warm up again to give it a try in an all day setting.

Winter doesn't seem to want to let go even though it is APRIL.  G will be 10 in 15 days.  I managed to book her birthday trip with her friends and e-mailed the moms to let them know.  I hope they are able to go because the tickets are non-refundable of course the hotel can be cancelled without penalty but the reason we are going it non-refundable tickets.  I had general consensus from the parents before booking so hopefully now that reservations are made it won't be a problem with either child.

Benchmark testing started today at G's school.  The problem is the school is required to teach common core. Benchmark tests for 20 specific abilities where common core teaches 3/20 of being tested.  Common core doesn't teach a child how to think like it claims.  It teaches what people eventually intuitively grasp after learning the basic solutions to such things like math problems.  It also doesn't penalize a child for a wrong answer if the child can explain the process to the wrong answer.  However, if the child's process and logic returns a wrong answer to an objective problem, then there is something wrong with that child's process and logic and should be corrected.  Benchmark will penalize wrong answers and wrong logic or processes.  Thus the Arne Duncan illogical conclusion that parents are just mad there children aren't as smart as they thought they were.

I've told G to do the best she can, to stick with her first answer unless she can prove her first answer is not correct by working out a problem and to relax.  They school is having a pretty cool gift give away for kids who behave well.  I think they get a party at the end of the testing time as well.  But the testing is very very stressful to everyone involved.  CC punishes the teachers if the children don't do well.

Now I am all about teacher accountability, G has had some teachers that didn't push her to her abilities.  She has also had some really good teachers who challenge her as much as teach her.  Some teachers I don't think should and some should remain forever doing exactly what they are doing.  A one sized fits all approach of teaching and learning does not fit but that is exactly what the public schools attempt to do.

Hopefully, by the time G is heading into 6th grade she will be home schooled and proctored by my dad.  Not taught by my dad just proctored.  And again that all depends on how my mom is doing in the next few years and what type of employment situation I am in.  So that was our weekend.  Not much else to say.  I hate watching the decay of our Judeo Christian built country.  Can't wait until January 2017 and the end of the Obama error.

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Vivian M said...

I think Miss G will do just fine on her tests, she is really smart. Yay for shopping! One of us needs to win the lottery, lol. Hope you all have an awesome birthday trip! Please email me and let me know what we can send Miss G for her birthday.