Thursday, April 03, 2014

Gifts From Afar

Our sweet blogging friends in Canada sent G a big box just because.  It was a big box of seaweed snack.  She had mentioned her daughter liking the snack so I sent her links to what I buy from amazon in bulk cheaper than individually at the store.  I just didn't know she was going to send some to G.  Funny, we were almost to the point of needing to order it.  So thank you friends, and I hope you guys enjoy your stash too!

We typically get 3 different types of seaweed snack based on what I have purchased from our Chinese groceries in the big city.  Since it comes in bulk and to the house we don't have to spend the day in big city looking for the snack because sometimes the stores are out or I can't find what we normally get.  When I found I could keep it in stock via amazon and it would come to the house for free (spend $35 on prime or have prime to do so); it just made sense (and cents) to get it there.

So now, we are overrun with seaweed much to G's delight.  She loves LOVES and loves is not really a strong enough word for it but LURVES seaweed snack.  She can eat one whole container in a day.  Technically, she is not supposed to have more than 5 or 6  1" X 3" sheets a day but sometimes she does eat more.

It is amazing that she likes it really because she doesn't like seafood.  No fish, no shrimp or crabs or anything like it I think because of the texture.  We do have seaweed sheets that I will sometimes do a modified sushi roll for her. Modified in that it has no meat just white rice with duck sauce or soy on it.  And more amazing that I really purchase it because seafood smells and seaweed smells like seafood. 

And the links provided do not enrich me in anyway.  I am not making money off of Amazon links.  These are the links, though, that G likes for seaweed and maybe if you are interested for your or your own kids check them out. 

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Vivian M said...

Kerri loves them too! (So do I!) and I read that they are really good for you. :)
So we know Miss G lurves her seaweed, but what does her mama lurve?